Let  Baby Isabelle go back home to her Mother, Edna Boyer!!!
  • Petitioned Judge Thomas Lipps

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Hamilton County Family Court
Judge Thomas Lipps

Let Baby Isabelle go back home to her Mother, Edna Boyer!!!

    1. Sarah Lewis
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      Sarah Lewis

      Celina, OH

When Edna Boyer was just 4 months pregnant,the father of her unborn baby, David Wegford, abandoned her.Throughout her pregnancy and up until the baby was 14 months old, he remained out of the picture. He offered no financial support and did not even attempt to see his daughter. He came back into the picture when little Isabelle was 14 months old and petitioned the court for full custody. Edna's parental rights were revoked simply because she is a Stay at Home Mom. They did not even award this mother visitation!!! She has not been deemed unfit by the court, they simply ruled in favor of the father, who is an employee of the Hamilton County Ohio Sheriffs Department because of his employment. They plucked this little girl from the arms of her loving mother who has cared for her since the day she was born and placed her in the home of a complete stranger. This is such an injustice and this baby needs her Mommy back. The court needs to reopen this and see that what they did was not in the best interest of this little girl!!! It was unfair, unethical and so very sad. At the very least, they need to move the case to another county where there is no chance for bias and they need to let Edna see her daughter!!  

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    • Kathleen Davidson BROOKVILLE, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      The father in this case did not earn custody of his daughter and the mother deserves to be with her child. Just because he works in law enforcment doesnt mean he deserves special treatment. Who is he ? A bully in a special suit and thats all!

    • Laura Speaks FLORENCE, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      This is an absolute crime to snatch this baby from her mother when she has been with her from the time of conception!!

      Will some attorney PLEASE take this case and fight the judge and the court on behalf of this innocent child and mother? Too many attorneys are afraid to go up against the court decisions even when they are this biased. I pray there is at least one brave attorney out there that is not afraid to fight for the rights of this child and mother.

      I have been through a similar court case in the Campbell County Family Court involving my niece and her children. The BEST interest of the child should be THE ONLY CONSIDERATION IN MAKING A DECISION of this type.

    • Roberta Rayan JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      This is an injustice toward the mother .The man didn,t feed or do anything for the baby before hand and now he took the baby OMG what the hell is wrong with our country . Just cause he has a job .That why we have welfare cause guys shit all over woman and leave for another woman and that dum ass woman allows him to shit on the other woman then he will shit on her too. Really God sees all and he will pay one day !!!

    • Lisa Beck FREDERICK, OK
      • over 2 years ago

      As a mother of 6 kids I understand and feel for this mother.No one can replace a mother.

    • sherri reatherford ASHLAND, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      to start i do not know this woman edna boyer i do not know the circumstances from which this baby was taken from her mother ..from what ive read though it is a outrage ..at that age children are so attached to their parents its unbelieveable and really the judge was biased and unfair in his ruling if in fact the only reason he gave sole custody to deadbeat father was because he was employed by the sheriffs department if anything he should have been deemed unfit due to the child neglect that he inficted upon his daughter where in the world was this mothers defense????? that id like to know .any judge should have just ordered the father visitation so he could in fact get to know his daughter and ordered him to pay childsupport to the mother for the child and id like to know if the mother ever went and filed for childsupport .... cause if she was a stay at home mom then she hadto have some type of help from family if not from state and if but in all the system today is corrupt i had my sons father try to file for cistody of our son just because i took him after almost 14 yrs to have his childsupport raised from 100 a month they raised it really high and when the judge wouldnt lower it anymore he tried to sya i was unfit he soon changed his mind though which makes me believe he knew his reasoning was unjust becausse i am not a unfit mother and could prove it ...this need sto go up in front of anohter judge and i bet the outcome would be way different ...good luck edna bboyer !!!thats the case if u get help they make u file for childsupport


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