Demand justice over police killing the dog of a homeless man in Langzhong. Demand animal cruelty laws in China and stop people from committing further atrocities against the innocent and vulnerable.
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Mayor of Nanchong
Guanghui Du
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Xiaoquan Wei
Head of Sichuan Police Dept
Shengquan Zeng

Demand justice over police killing the dog of a homeless man in Langzhong. Demand animal cruelty laws in China and stop people from committing further atrocities against the innocent and vulnerable.

    1. Petition by

      Together for Animals in China (TACN)

Letter of strong protest against the horrific acts of police officials who are supposed to protect our society from violence.

We were horrified by what happened on March 4th, on the busy streets of Langzhong, in broad daylight. A stray dog, the gentle friend and companion of a homeless man, was seized by police and brutally beaten to death with a shovel and a metal pole in front of the owner of the dog, the homeless man, and a crowed of pedestrians. This horiffic violence took place near a primary school, where children could easily see what was happening.

Two of the most vulnerable individuals in our society, the innocent animal and the helpless man, were dealt some of the most violent and degrading treatment imaginable by the very people who are supposed to be protecting society from violence.

No thought was spared for the psychological impact of this terrifying, bloody act on the adults and children who witnessed it. Nor did it occur to the police that this gruesome death was inflicted in broad daylight in the vicinity of a primary school.

How have the people appointed to protect the innocent and vulnerable become so debased? Our police officials, who should be a source of pride to us, are behaving like monsters.

We, the undersigned, ask that the police be legally forbidden from committing further atrocities against the innocent and vulnerable. We would like our children to grow up in a society where they can feel confident that the police will protect people and animals; where the police are known for their kindness and bravery instead of their violence and sadism; where they behave with honour instead of depravity.


More detailed information and the latest updates of this incident will be posted both on the TACN facebook page ( and website ( Please be sure to follow us on facebook for the updates.

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    1. Reached 50,000 signatures
    2. Signature collection continues

      Since the 10th of March we delivered the petitions and supporting documentations, our petition here on Change and also on an internal Chinese platform are continuing to receive more signatures which would be really helpful for supporting our followup works.

      So please keep signing and sharing, the more signatures we collect until we hear back from the local officials the better.

      Thank you!

      Team TACN

    3. Reached 30,000 signatures
    4. March 10th Petition was successfully delivered to 3 gov offices in 3 cities

      The petition package contains petitions in both Chinese and English with a total of 28,927 signatures from 145 countries, comments from the petitioners, an open letter from Together for Animals in China (TACN), an open letter from ACTAsia, legal supportive documents, and pictures of the incident.

      More details will be available once we receive full reports from our volunteers who delivered the documents. Please keep an eye on our facebook page for updates (

      Thank you all so very much. Your great effort and support in this campaign have allowed us to have a stronger voice. Only with love and support, are we empowered to fight harder for what's right.

      The petition is still open and accepting signatures. We must keep this campaign growing strong, pressure on until our demands are met and justice has been served. We may need to hand the petition in to higher up gov offices, if necessary. So please keep on spreading the word! Thank you!

    5. Reached 25,000 signatures
    6. More signatures needed to support follow-up action by front-line activists

      Signature goal has been increased to 30,000 as we feel the need to keep facilitating people who still wish to sign this petition and also more importantly to support follow-up actions after activists' visit to the local authorities.
      We'll have detailed updates regarding this later on.

    7. We're facilitating more signatures - 25,000

      This is truly amazing! We have gone pass the 20,000 signatures mark in less than 48 hours! Our Chinese signing site has collected over 6,000 signatures as for now. We are continue to collect even more signatures before our activists deliver this petition!

      So please keep the fire high and strong! Please sign and share the petition if you haven't done so already, otherwise please keep on sharing with as many people as you can!

      On Monday March 10th 2014 (China time), this petition will be hand delivered in person by our activists to three offices at three different locations:
      Police Department of Sichuan province,;
      Mayor office of city of Nanchong;
      Major office of city of Langzhong.

      We need as many signatures as possible before the delivery.

      Thank you for taking part and make this petition count!

    8. Reached 20,000 signatures
    9. Increased target signature goal to 20,000

      Wow, we are on fire! Already reached over 9,400 signatures and counting and we still have the whole weekend of Saturday and until late night Sunday to collect even more signatures!

      We have now increased our target signature to 20,000 and hoping we could double the impact by collecting an even larger amount of demand-for-justice for this poor man and his dog.

      We hope this petition can be signed and shared for as wide as it could, which will really help us when the time comes to ACT with all your supports!

      Thank you,

      Team TACN

    10. Reached 9,000 signatures
    11. Sign and Share MORE - we're submitting the signatures in person on Monday

      Thank you all for being amazing and we have now reached over 6,000 signatures! Please keep spreading the word and get more people aware of this story and this petition.

      Our Chinese version of this petition have now reached over 4,000 signatures as well, many more Chinese people are standing up for justice given the appropriate platform and opportunity!

      You can see the progress of the Chinese petition via the link below by entering viewing password: dongwubaohu

      We're going to bound all the signatures and comments along with supportive materials including legal documentations together, and we have already arranged representatives to talk to the Langzhong officials in person while submitting the petitions on Monday 10th of March 2014.

      So, we have a whole weekend of signing and sharing, let's make this petition a successful one and with an outcome that we all look forward to!

      Team TACN


      We are going to deliver the petition to the addressed government officials this coming Monday (March 10th 2014), therefore, we need to get as many signatures as possible before that day! The petition will be delivered by both express mail and hand delivery in person.

      As of now, we have reached over 4,000 domestic signatures on the Chinese signing platform and 6,000 international signatures on All of this happened in just short 24 hours! Please keep the signatures coming, as the more signatures we have the stronger our voice is!

      Please keep on sharing the petition with as many people/groups as you can. We need to get as many signatures as we can before Monday!

      Thank you everyone!

    13. Reached 6,000 signatures
    14. The Chinese people are also signing their own version of this petition has been blocked in mainland China due to the censorship. Therefore, we have created a separate version of this petition on a Chinese platform, where all the signatures generated there will be merged with this one eventually, and will be printed and bound together with supportive materials before handing to the Nanchong officials.

      If you have any friends or families inside China who also want to sign this petition but can't access, you can pass on this link below to them, although the form is in Chinese, but can be easily understood via Google Translate or other translation tools:

    15. Reached 250 signatures


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    • marion Allendorf WUPPERTAL, GERMANY
      • about 3 hours ago

      Das verhalten ist unmöglich sofort damit aufhören....harte Strafen für Tierquwäler und feigen Tiermörder Stoppt so was in Kern

      • about 4 hours ago


      • about 14 hours ago


      • about 15 hours ago




      • 1 day ago



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