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Chronic Animal Abuse Needs to Stop

    1. Pam  Sordyl
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      Pam Sordyl

      Clarkston, MI

Greenwood Pets in Warren, Michigan is bad for animals and bad for Warren residents. From puppies to pigs, they've consistently failed our pets. It's time for them to stop selling live animals.

Here are just a few of the problems with Greenwood Pets:

• Last Christmas, Greenwood Pets recklessly sold a baby pot-bellied pig to a Warren family, even though farm animals are not allowed in the city. The family had no idea, and figured that since they were at a Warren business, there wouldn't be anything wrong. The pig, named Chumblee, had to be returned, breaking the young boy’s heart.

• It's not just Chumlee. Greenwood sells chickens and roosters, which are also illegal to own in Warren, and even alligators. This store is acting irresponsible, both to these animals who need special care and to the families they're setting up for heartbreak.

• Residents should stay clear of the puppy aisle too. Greenwood has a history of working with a large puppy broker from Kansas. Lambriar Inc.’s last inspection listed 773 puppies in inventory. What breeder would ship their puppies with over 700 other puppies across state lines to unknown retailers and families?

• Greenwood also has a history with the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Complaints have been filed related to animals with no food, unsatisfactory cleanliness of the stores, food storage not adequate, overcrowding of animal cages, insufficient number of employees to maintain husbandry, surfaces not disinfected and distressed birds loosing feathers. Fines were issued, but the store continues to receive complaints.

• Customers have allegedly seen dead rats on the floor, dirty ferret & bird cages, filthy snake aquariums full of dead skin with dried up water bowls, aquariums with brown algae on walls with no lights or filtration, a Cockatoo bird who was feather plucking until chest was bare, puppies covered rust colored dirt, fish with fungus on their heads, lethargic fish, a snake with small sores on its nose, turtles without perches, rat feces on the floor.

Help stop Greenwood Pets' pattern of abuse. Tell the store to stop selling live animals.

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    2. Selling Rabbits is Bad Idea

      Pam  Sordyl
      Petition Organizer

      Every year after Easter, the Humane Society sees an influx of unwanted rabbits dropped off, usually after parents thought the gift of a bunny was a good idea, Cook said. “A lot of people get them as an 'Easter bunny' and then the novelty wears off and then they bring them (here),” she said. “People get them home and realize they’re more work than what they thought, so they send them to us.”

    3. Learn more about pot-bellied pigs from a local pig sanctuary (BLOG)

      Pam  Sordyl
      Petition Organizer

      Did you know that a well-cared-for pig can live 15 to 20 years? That’s a major commitment. If you’ve thought it over carefully, and still think a pig is right for you, please consider our last lesson—ADOPT, don’t buy! Best Friends Animal Sanctuary estimates that there could be as many as 300,000 unwanted and discarded pigs languishing in shelters, waiting for their forever home. You may discover that it’s just as satisfying to sponsor one of these deserving animals, and a lot less work.

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    5. More reasons why it is wrong to sell live animals

      Pam  Sordyl
      Petition Organizer

      Many reptiles and fish are taken from the wild. In addition, some exotic species, including many birds and reptiles, are poorly adapted to captivity and, as such, it is difficult if not impossible to meet their needs in a pet shop setting. Some animals languish in pet stores for years and may develop behavioral problems that further reduce their chance of finding a home.


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    • Elizabeth Julian REDFORD, MI
      • almost 2 years ago

      I used to work there and i had to quit because of Dennis and how he runs the store and how he handles animals. he is a horrible individual and the store NEEDS to be shut down.

    • sylvie auger TROIS-RIVIèRES, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Les abus à l'égard des animaux doit cesser. Il faut que les gens en autorité imposent des peines sévères et des lois qui obligeront les gens à traiter les animaux avec respect. Sans lois, les gens ne changeront jamais leurs comportements.

    • Grayce Lenhard WARREN, MI
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have lived down the street from this god awfull place my whole life. It's truly a hell hole for animals! It stinks to high heaven. They don't take care of the animals. They buy puppies from puppy mills, breed pit bulls in the back of the store(my friend saw the mother dog who had been extremely over bred then she stupidly bought one of the puppies!!) over crowd the kitten cages, never clean the small animal cages and physically abuse the birds. I was at the daily dozen dounut shop one morning and saw the owner of greenwood there with a macaw and a cockatoo. He was throwing both birds at people and around the shop. He went outside and threw the macaw under a bench, left it there scared out of it's mind, and went inside to throw the cockatoo around some more. A customer got upset and said something to Dennis about what he was doing. Dennis took the macaw by the neck and violently threw it into his van where it slammed into the window and fell to the car seat then got up and sat on the arm rest. He then did the same to the cockatoo after calling the customer a few choice words. I was so upset by all this I yelled out my car window at him, while crying, and wrote down his license plate number to report him. Both birds were filthy and loosing feathers. Scared like you wouldn't believe either. They keep the store doors open and driving down nine mile in the middle of the day you can hear the birds screaming. I work with animal rescue(mutts of Motown dog rescue, fortunate felines adoption league, Michigan ferret rescue and adoption network) and this breaks my heart. It's sick what this "man" does! This store should be shut down! I don't even think he is capable of caring for plants. It's disturbing and I'm very disappointed that warren is allowing such things to go on in their city. I beg of you, for the sake of these poor creatures, shut this store down and get rid of this mans license or whatever is needed to run a pet store!!! Please!!!

    • Delia Schamsai HAMBURG, GERMANY
      • about 2 years ago

      Please sign

    • cheryl klos ST. CLAIR SHORES, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      I was in the store yesterday. The animal abuse in this store is disgusting. They need to be shut down now. How many more animals need to die before something is done.


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