Greenup County Animal Shelter:Improve Conditions at the Shelter
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Greenup County Judge Executive
Robert Carpenter
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Greenup County, County Commissioner
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Greenup County, County Commissioner
Mike Hieneman

Greenup County Animal Shelter:Improve Conditions at the Shelter

    1. N. Howell
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      N. Howell

      Russell, KY


As concerned citizens, taxpayers and animal advocates, we are demanding that the county implement changes that will directly improve the conditions and welfare of the animals while in the custody of the shelter. These include, but are not limited to; basic sanitation procedures to ensure the animals inside the shelter are not exposed to illnesses and will be adopted out to the public in good condition. 

Despite the passing of the "Humane Shelter Law" (KY 258) the Greenup County Shelter is treating the animals in their care with wreck less disregard for the suffering they are causing. Dogs and cats are routinely euthanized, without any attempt to find their owner or adopt them into loving homes. 

I strongly urge you to step up and reduce the number of costly eurhanizations, implement cleaning procedures, vaccinations and utilize free labor in the form of volunteers in order to end the suffering of these innocent animals



Robert Carpenter, Greenup County Judge Executive
Tony Quillen, Greenup County, County Commissioner
Billy Stephens, Greenup County, County Commissioner
Mike Hieneman, Greenup County, County Commissioner
Greenup County Animal Shelter, please improve shelter conditions

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 6 months ago

      I'm not an activist; I don't look for controversy. I'm not a political person, but I'm a person with compassion. I care passionately about equal rights. I care about human rights. I care about animal rights.

      Ellen DeGeneres

    • janet plummer GREENUP, KY
      • 8 months ago

      we need a better shelter. this is not necessary !!!! to gas God's creatures.

    • Mary Davidson GREENUP, KY
      • 10 months ago

      I love animals and I know that they deserve so much more then this. I feel their pain in my heart and I can stand no more pain. I know that these animals love us and want us to love them back. A Missouri Council Leader and Owner of a Puppy Mill actually made the bold statement that, "Dogs Don't Need People To Be Happy, People Need Dogs To Be Happy"!! No that is about as wrong as it sounds. I do agree that people do need dogs to help with their happiness. But actually she said alot, trying not to say anything at all. Just by saying we need dogs to be happy, well she accidently put them in the spotlight. By her saying we need dogs to be happy, means that dogs make us happy. Well if this is true, then why would we kill what was put here to keep us happy. And also, she said dogs don't need us to be happy, I strongly beg to differ. They do need us. My dog Weiney, would go crazy without me or my family. She can't even be left at the groomer, because she misses us so bad that she goes crazy. My dog Lady, God Rest Her Soul, when she was alive, we went on vacation for 10 days and left her in boarding. While we were gone, the Boarder called us and told us we had to return home immediately or she could die. She had went into a grieving process where she stopped eating, drinking or even moving. We come home early and when we got close to the door, the groomer/boarder said it was the first time she had gotten up and wagged her tail since we left. Now thats love, and thats pretty needy. So why would we kill something so loyal. Not even some children or adults show the love and compassion that some dogs do. My dog Weiney protects me and my kids at all cost. I can't even raise my voice to my children without her telling me to stop. She also, lets me know everyday how appreciative she is that we saved her from the streets. Animals are so loyal, like I said even more so then some humans. How would you feel if something happened to where you ended up on the streets or even a shelter (say a nursing home or homeless shelter). While being there and watching other people just like yourself get returned to nice new homes and get shown love. Then one cold dark night someone comes in and takes you from your cage. You think their getting you out so that you can go with to your new home, but instead your fate has been sealed. Why?? Maybe because you are a Mix Breed, or your not as cute as the others, or maybe even because its been 5 days and not many ppl have been adopting so your time is up!!! Then they shut the door and the Gas comes on. You start to feel sick, faint, nervous, and then the pain starts. While trembling and shaking you begin to see your life flash before your eyes. Then your gone. Even worse what if you have a litter of puppies in the next room and the last thing you worry about is, "Will this also be their fate?" And Yes, Dogs and Cats do think like that. If they know that they are being harmed, they try to protect their own young from being put through the same torture. Think of how helpless you would feel as a human, being drug away from your children to be put to death, just to wonder what will happen to them. SAD HUH?? I know that the animal population is up to high and that sometimes they do have to be put to sleep, but they should get many chances at life, before that choice is made. And they should never be put to death by the gas chamber. There is so many other choices, like have an Adopt an Animal Day in your community. Put up flyers for Animals who have been in the shelter for to long and must go. Trust me when you put a flyer out that says these animals will soon face their fate if they are not adopted soon, animals lovers from all over will come running. Also, they need to apply for some grants and have somd fundraisers so that they can expand, gain more vehicles, and hire more workers. Another thing they could do is ask for help from some volunteers. I myself would love to volunteer, I just live a few miles from there. My children would also volunteer and they are old enough to do any sorts of work, plus it would give these poor animals some interaction with ppl, which I'm sure they have probably been lacking for quite some time now. They could put out ads on Craigslist, the Greenup News, Ashland Daily, & even flyers on business's asking ppl to become temporary foster homes for the animals. I myself would also be interested in something like this. I knw many ppl would. I would also try and help find homes for the animals that were temporarily staying with me. This is all important, but someone needs to get to work on it. If anyone knows how I can personally become more involved please let me know. I have personal relationships with some other shelters across the United States and they have given me lots of ideas for shelters that I pass on to places just like our very own Greenup Co. Animal Clinic. Please help me help them. You can email me at:

    • Mary Davidson GREENUP, KY
      • 10 months ago

      I love all animals. When I think of animals being put down in such manner, it makes me sick. I can literally feel there pain in my heart and I myself can take no more pain. This has to stop!! There is other options. They should hire more ppl to start advertising the animals they need to give away. They should have an adoption day several times a year to make ppl more aware of the killing that goes on without their help. They should put up flyers and make some kind of effort to keep this from happening. They could even start some kind of a giving tree during Christmas and other holidays that you can go past and pick out a dog or cat and go to the shelter and adopt him for a very low fee. They should also put a thing out there for sick ppl and/or children where they can adopt an animal for free to help with their recovery or just to be by their sides til the end, even if just temporary, at least their not being killed. Also find them temporary foster homes, just like foster children have. I would be glad to foster an animal or even several for a short time. I already have animals and would be more then happy to take on more until they find homes. I would even assist in finding them those homes and even do a home visit to make sure those animals are going to a safe enviroment. But most of all they need to apply for grants for more money to help expand the facility (which they have room on the property now to do), hire more workers (They now only have 2), get more vehicles (only have 1 now), do more advertising, & most importantly, hire a vet on their staff so that every animal can be spay or neutered before being put back out into the world (They have no Vet on Staff, they pretty much have no staff)!! And still make it affordable for these animals to be adopted. There should be an animal shelter in every county that provides free or low cost animal spay and/or neuter so that this problem comes to an end. If half of the worlds animals were sterile, this would soon be a problem of the past. This must stop NOW!!!!! Thank you and I am AGAINST The Gassing or any other methods that are used in the Killing of these Defensless, Loving Creatures!!

    • Heike Kozel BOCHUM, GERMANY
      • 10 months ago muß aufhören !!


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