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Transfer mortgage to approved borrower

    1. Gregg Zoltun
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      Gregg Zoltun

      Anderson, SC

I want lenders and mortgage servicing companies like GreenTree to offer the option of having a mortgage transfered to an approved borrower. This would be a new mortgage, simply transfer the mortgage as-is to a new borrower. I have a home that is nearly impossible to sell for 2 reasons, those that have the cash to buy it don't want it, those that want it, don't have cash! It's a mobile home that I purhcased when I was 21 years old (when I thought I knew everything). I felt that I did everything right, never got a 2nd mortgage, never refinanced and now I cannot sell the home and do not want to be a landlord. Please GreenTree, transfer this mortgage to a young family that is getting started, that needs an affordable home and can't afford a $140,000 house.

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