Veto HB2036
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Governor Janice K. Brewer

Veto HB2036

    1. Lesley  McKinley
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      Lesley McKinley

      Scottsdale, AZ

This bill hurts women and promotes bad medicine! Because this bill bans abortion after 20 weeks with very narrow exceptions, a pregnant woman diagnosed with cancer may have to wait as many as five months before she could receive chemotherapy and/or radiation and her disease will progress. It also puts doctors in our communities at extreme risk of harsh penalties. No one wants an abortion at 20 weeks or more. These are cases more often than not to SAVE A WOMAN'S LIFE! Women who's fetus dies inside of them should not bear the trauma or risk of infection because their doctor must, according to this hateful law, deny them treatment. Please, Arizona women are now in the same awful position that women in Georgia are in today. Stop this insanity!

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