Governor Malloy, pull out of the "Secure Communities" Program
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Governor Malloy, pull out of the "Secure Communities" Program

    1. Luis Cotto
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      Luis Cotto

      Hartford, CT

The Department of Homeland Security's Secure Communities Program has led to record numbers of deportations — almost 800,000 — in the past two years.  Contrary to the intended purpose of identifying and deporting immigrants “who have been convicted of serious criminal offenses,” ICE's own numbers show that up to a third of all deportees had no criminal convictions.

It is a civil violation for an immigrant to be in the United States illegally; it is not a crime.

Both the State of Illinois and the State of New York have pulled out of this program.  Connecticut, via a letter from Governor Dannel Malloy to ICE, should follow suit.

Governor Malloy exhibited true leadership in calling for deferred deportation for local DREAMer Mariano Cardosso.  He was also a supporter of CTs own DREAM legislation which he will sign into effect.  He should follow that up by standing up for the thousands of families effected by this program.

Help us in asking Governor Malloy to pull out of the Secure Communities Program -- sign the petition!

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    • Maneesh Pangasa YUMA, AZ
      • about 3 years ago

      As a U.S. citizen supportive of immigrant's rights I oppose unconstitutional and discriminatory state measures like Arizona's SB 1070 and Alabama's HB 56 supported by the white supremacist anti immigrant hate group the Federation for American Immigration Reform. I support the DREAM Act and oppose deportation of DREAMers. I support the Define American web campaign by undocumented immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas and the principles of Reform Immigration for America. I believe immigration reform should come from the federal level, be comprehensive and inclusive in nature -- meaning LGBT families should be able to file for immigration and get accepted. I believe the following must be included in immigration reform

      A rational and humane approach to the undocumented population.

      --Protect U.S. and immigrant workers.

      --Allocate sufficient visas to close unlawful migration channels.

      --Enhance our nation's security and safety.

      --Establish a strategic border enforcement policy that reflects American values.

      --Keep American families together.

      --Promote immigrant integration.

      --Protect fundamental rights for all.

    • Jean L. Corcoran TARPON SPRINGS, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      I grew up in Connecticut, lived there for 40 years.

      My daughters, and their families still live there, it is for them that I request that FEAR and BIGOTRY do not rule the day. Please pull out of this degrading program.

    • Rayna Dyton-White HARTFORD, CT
      • over 3 years ago

      As a descendant of immigrants I find it absurd that Gov. Malloy would continue participation in the prosecution of persons who are not engaging in criminal activities. I AM a natural born citizen, and my HERITAGE is from Virginia and Kentucky. I don't have a problem with non-criminal immigrants. I find it indignant that others, who probably have grandparents that were born elsewhere, would do so.

    • Luis Cotto HARTFORD, CT
      • over 3 years ago

      Massachusett just became the 3rd state to pull out! ( ) Email this request to all your friends or share it on Facebook or Twitter

    • Dori Smith STORRS, CT
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Gov. Malloy: We applaud you for your willingness to lead the state, and take on those who challenge you in the public square. Part of the problem with "security communities" is the lack of openness and media coverage. The public deserves the full record on ICE, and were media to provide it there would be better legislative scrutiny.


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