Governor: Keep Nevada's free-roaming horses on the land
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Senate Committee on Natural Resources
Director, Nevada State Department of Agriculture
James R. Barbee
Nevada Governor
Gov. Brian Sandoval

Governor: Keep Nevada's free-roaming horses on the land

    1. Petition by

      YEA! - Youths' Equine Alliance

July 2013


From Petition Creator: The children of YEA! - Youths' Equine Alliance helped to save Nevada's wild horses from slaughter by petitioning the Governor and joining with other advocacy groups' efforts. Together with your support, Nevada's Department of Agriculture, lawmakers, and Governor were moved to take action and make the necessary changes to keep the wild horses safe from slaughter.

This is a picture of Ava, our three-year-old friend who loves horses and wants to continue to grow up with wild horses. We all do, but the State of Nevada and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) frequently takes free-roaming horses off the land.

UPDATE: We have reason to celebrate, as both the BLM and the State of Nevada have recently announced changes to the way they sell horses to keep them out of slaughterhousesand we are very glad about that!

However, we also think the horses should be left on the land to continue their valuable role in the Nevada ecosystem instead of spending time in short- or long-term holding facilities at the taxpayer’s expense. Through years of experience and observation of wild herds, renowned wild horse ecologist, biologist and author, Craig Downer, believes wild horses should live on wildlife reserves and be allowed to get to a population that is determined by nature. Craig, along with other concerned people and wild horse organizations, want wild horses and burros preserved and protected and have the expertise to help accomplish this goal.

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    1. Agreement reached to prevent Nevada's wild horses from going to slaughter

      Nevada Governor Sandoval signs landmark bill to work with wild horse advocates

      Vania Maldonado is a happily married cat rescuer. Her four legged family includes several cats and the the recent arrival of a dog. All animals in the household were either stays, came from humane societies or rescue groups. ...

    2. Officially register your opinion with the State of Nevada's Legislature

      Please officially register your opinion about creating reserves to protect wild horses and burros by clicking on this link to the Nevada State Legislature:
      (To vote for the resolution enter "SJR1" in the "bill name" box, then complete the form and click "submit")

    3. YEA! Nevada's free-roaming horses are safe from slaughter!

      We are happy to report that Nevada has reached an agreement with wild horse advocates to prevent free-roaming horses from being bid on openly at livestock auctioning, where they were in danger of kill-buyers.

      We cannot express how happy the children are and how MANY children are sleeping easier in Nevada knowing that their beloved horses are safe.

      Please read this report from the AP: Nevada Reaches Deal with Wild Horse Advocates by Scott Sonner

      Nevada reaches deal with wild horse advocates

      RENO - The state of Nevada has signed a cooperative agreement with wild horse protection advocates allowing longtime critics of mustang roundups to have the first chance at purchasing state-captured animals that otherwise might end up at the slaughterhouse. The agreement between Nevada's Department of Agriculture and California-based Return to Freedom Inc.

    4. BLM to remove Nevada's remaining 6 mustangs in the Deer Run band.

      We are sad to report that there has to date been no agreement made between the State of Nevada, the BLM, and local advocates to keep the horses on the land. In a recent development, the BLM has decided to remove the last of a band that has been living in the are for over 50 years peacefully. How many more areas will be zeroed out?

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    6. Meet the children of YEA! - Youths' Equine Alliance

      What happens when youths see mustangs? They want to save them!

      Kids from YEA! take a Field-Trip to see Mustangs

      Some of the youths from YEA! - Youths' Equine Alliance took a field-trip to see the local mustangs in Southern Nevada. These horses are less than an hour from the school where the children attend and they hope to inspire more field-trips to share the fun with many other kids.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Michael Flanagan CORONADO, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      I've seen those NV wild horses in person & they are Beautiful..Leave them alone,let them roam free !

    • Gracie Hite FORT WAYEN, IN
      • over 1 year ago

      I have been around horses ever since i was young and it breaks my heart that some people don't care what happens to theses amazing and beautiful creatures.

    • Celia Callahan LOMPOC, UNITED STATES
      • over 1 year ago

      It is our responsibility to care for the amazing animals God put on our earth for the human race. Before the automobile the American Indian and white man alike used and needed the horses to survive. Now that BLM no longer think they are needed they are being treated as a throw away item along with everything else of todays generation. NOT all of us feel that way and have a love and concern to protect the God given rights man is trying to take away. The Horses are able to survive and allow nature to take it's normal course for control.

    • Serena Yusuf WOODLANDS, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      no one in america eats horses. so why hunt? theses beautiful creatures deserve to be free and alway have clean water. NEVER SLAUGHTER THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

    • Lucy Sanders CHRISTIANA, TN
      • over 1 year ago

      They deserve a chance to live free.


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