Keep Drilling and Fracking out of the Delaware River Basin
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Keep Drilling and Fracking out of the Delaware River Basin

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      Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Natural gas drillers are chomping at the bit to start shale drilling and fracking in the Delaware River Basin but all of your voices did an amazing thing and helped cancel the November 21, 2011 vote where we anticipated the weak regulations to be approved and toxic drilling to start!  Governor Markell (DE) helped put the brakes on this vote by stating he would vote no on the regulations (thank you Gov Markell!).  

The current moratorium that has been in place for two plus years continues in the Delaware River Basin, but we need to keep the letters and pressure on the 5 DRBC voting members as we do not know when this vote will be rescheduled. 

Please sign this petition now to convince a majority of the voting members to vote “NO” for the gas rules, and “NO” to lifting the drilling moratorium (we just need 3 of the 5 votes to prevent drilling and thanks to DE Gov. Markell, we now have 2—let’s get one more “no” vote, we can do this!)

Some more background:

We need to keep drilling out of the Delaware River Basin which is home to the largest stretch of special protection waters in the nation and the source of drinking water for 15 million people including New York City and Philadelphia (5% of the US population).

So, please take a moment to send a letter to the DRBC voting members asking them not to allow gas drilling and fracking in the Delaware River Basin and to instead commence the comprehensive environmental analysis needed to forever prevent the drilling interests and big energy corporations from invading our Watershed for gas. To vote "yes" on weak regulations without this science and studies is putting our health, our water and our environment at risk.

Over the past two plus years, more science is coming out that seriously questions the ability to frack shale without irreparable harm being done to our freshwater supplies and the health of our communities. Fracking and the Delaware River do not mix.  We can live without gas but we cannot live without water.  Please take action now by signing this petition which will be delivered to each of the 5 voting members of the Commision (NY, NJ, DE, and PA Governors get a vote and one federal representative from the Army Corps).

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    1. Reached 4,000 signatures
    2. Support Exceptional Value Designation for the Delaware River

      As the moratorium continues on drilling (we don't know for how long), 25 organizations and 150 individuals are petitioning the state Dept of Env Protection of Pennsylvania to upgrade the Upper Delaware River streams to Exceptional Value Quality - the highest designation allowed by law.
      You can send a letter with a click to make this petition stronger with your support and read more here (scroll to bottom for the sample letter):
      Thanks very much for all you do and all of your action. Together we have made big difference and the Delaware River is still frack free but we need to keep the momentum going!

    3. Nov 17 - Turning Point On Drilling and Fracking in the Delaware Basin!

      The Delaware River Basin Commission has cancelled the special meeting set for Monday November 21 they had scheduled to vote on opening the Delaware River Watershed for gas drilling and fracking. The dominoes began to fall when Governor Jack Markell announced that Delaware would vote against the plan to allow gas development to commence in the Delaware River Watershed. New York had earlier stated that they were voting “NO” on the proposal. Apparently, the Commission did not feel they had the three votes needed to move the proposal forward, cancelling the use of the War Memorial Theater for Monday. You all helped make this happen so lets keep the pressure on - read more here.

    4. Reached 2,500 signatures
    5. Last Call To Pressure DRBC Voting Members in charge of Our Water

      We need to boost these petition signatures in this last week --- please keep sharing with friends. We need thousands more signatures by Nov 11th so we can deliver all signatures to each of the DRBC voting members on November 14th during multi state press conferences --- please spread far and wide! Let's send a message loud and clear --- Don't Drill the Delaware!

    6. Reached 1,500 signatures
    7. Check out the New Video by Josh Fox - Join us on November 21st!

      Coalition partners from over 17 local, regional and national organizations will be delivering petitions and letters to the 5 leaders that hold the future of our water in their hands on November 14th. Keep up the great work sharing this petition around. Then check out this great new video by Josh Fox and Matt Sanchez to show you what is at stake on November 21st - A Wild & Scenic River could be lost if the drillers have their way. Join us in solidarity on 11/21! Free housing is being arranged the night before and buses and carpools are being organized from afar. There will be a non violence training held on 11/20 at 8pm for citizens who want to exercise their first amendment rights on the 21st. For more details on the event go to And to check out the 5 minute video from Josh Fox and Matt Sanchez, click the word press link below.

    8. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Gloria Purcell BELMONT, CA
      • 3 months ago

      Fracking is ruinous for a number of reasons. You know them all! Just do what is right for the people and the Earth.

      • 6 months ago

      We should be investing this time and money into Wind and Solar Power!

    • corey goldglit LOCUST VALLEY, NY
      • 6 months ago

      people need clean water

    • Martha McKie JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • 6 months ago

      Fracking is an unworkable, dangerous attempt at a solution to energy needs. Stop Fracking NOW. Be responsible to our fellow nations all over the planet and Ban Fracking Federally.

    • Andrew Welch LAKESIDE, CA
      • 7 months ago

      Water is a basic human right


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