Veto Senate Bill 1387 (Mandatory Ultrasound Bill)
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Veto Senate Bill 1387 (Mandatory Ultrasound Bill)

    1. Christopher  Cooke
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      Christopher Cooke

      Pocatello, ID

Senate bill 1387, better known as the Mandatory Ultrasound bill, would mandate that women who are seeking an abortion would be required to have a mandatory Ultrasound. This is a case of government overreach into the the private lives of Idaho Citizens and interferes in a joint medical process between a family and their doctor.

• SB 1387 is government intrusion by writing into statute a specific medical procedure that may not be necessary.
• This requirement inserts politicians into the medical room and sets aside doctors and the patient.
• Currently, government mandated medical procedures are only done on those arrested for criminal offenses or for the mentally ill, and neither are required to pay for it.
• The standard of care in the medical profession needs to remain with doctors NOT in the government's hand.
• The bill places a financial burden on women who must have the ultrasound done; thus placing a discriminatory financial barrier on poor women.
• There needs to be a medical exception where a doctor can exercise judgement for terminating wanted pregnancies that result in early fetal complications

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      Christopher  Cooke
      Petition Organizer

      Dear friends i wanted to let you all know that there will be a bill hearing tomorrow (Thursday the 22nd) at 7:45am in the House State Affairs Committee Room. We need as many people to show up as possible.

      Also I want to thank everyone for spreading this petition, i am asking you to keep up the work. Please make sure that you send this to 10 or 20 of your friends. We need to past 5000. That means that each of us need to do our part to get the message out! PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN!

      Finally thanks for doing what you are all doing!

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      Christopher  Cooke
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to sign the petition. I woke up this morning and was overwhelmed by the number of folks impacted by this.

      I am asking everyone to share the link, a short story, and talk to their friends on facebook or email (Idaho Residency Preferred) and spread this petition out like wildfire.

      Possible Facbook Status?
      Hey friends, i am sharing a petition with all of you in hopes that you will share it with family, friends, and groups to raise awareness about S.B 1387. Senate Bill 1387 is a bill that will require women to get a mandatory ultrasound before getting an abortion, this is classic example of how government intrudes on the lives of Idaho citizens. Let the legislature know that we want them to focus on infrastructure, job creation, and education. Veto SB 1387. Idaho can't afford to waste tax payer time and money with more lawsuits. Take action now.

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