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Governor Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), Secretary Kathleen Sebelius(HHS)

Governor Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), Secretary Kathleen Sebelius(HHS): Stop patient abuse and cover up at LSU Health Sciences Center-Shreveport

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      Louisiana Citizens for HealthCare Reform

Louisiana citizens’ tax dollars support LSU Health Sciences Center. They pay its top administrators. Citizens should receive high quality and compassionate care. Too often this is not the case. Our organization, the Louisiana Citizens for HealthCare Reform, has documented numerous cases of patient abuse and medical negligence.

Local media ignores it. LSU covers it up.

Patients and their families are too often treated disrespectfully and with plain meanness. One recent example is a patient who was a victim of a robbery. He was in the ER screaming in pain. Instead of getting medical care, gauze was stuffed in his mouth so no one could hear him. His treatment was delayed and he died. A psychiatric patient tried to hang himself after he suffered cigarette burns that were inflicted by an ER nurse. A 9-year-old girl who had been hit by an 18-wheeler arrived in the ER alive. But the trauma team did not arrive promptly and she died. An ER nurse came to work high. But for some reason the urine drug sample was driven to Arkansas for testing. Strangely, it was not done at the hospital-the practice for everyone else. The employee was also given a ride home. A surgeon was high in the OR while operating on a patient. In the opinion of the nurses who reported him he was too impaired to operate on the patient. We have received another report of recent misbehavior by this surgeon who is also a top administrator. A six-year-old girl bled to death. The surgeon didn't come in to the hospital even after being told of her desperate condition. Her heart stopped three times before the surgeon decided to come in. When the surgeon finally arrived she was still alive but the decision was made to let her die. Two hospital personnel were obtaining illegal drug prescriptions from physicians. This was covered up. A patient died after waiting 15 hours in the ER. Even after paying the federal government a $700,000 dollar fine for fraudulent billing we have received reports of continued fraudulent billing at LSU Health Sciences Center. Unfortunately, there are many more cases and events like these that continue in spite of a new administration in place since mid 2009. The Louisiana Citizens for HealthCare Reform has informed the new administration of these events. We have offered our documentation. No interest was shown in finding out more and nothing substantive has been done. The perpetrators of these medical misadventures and in some cases crimes still work at LSU Health Sciences Center and some have been promoted.

Therefore it is no wonder that we still receive complaints from patients and their families. The president and board of LSU did not respond after we informed them of these tragic events and suffering. In a recent survey of satisfaction among patients supported by federal funding LSU Health Sciences Center scored in the 40s while another area hospital scored in the 90s. The response of the current medical center administration has been to launch an expensive publicity campaign in a time of fiscal scarcity with new signs on the building, billboards, radio spots and television documentaries. This is money better spent on patient care. The administration also has sent intimidating notices to employees causing them to fear the loss of their jobs if they speak up. 

The new administration at LSU Health Sciences Center does not get it. What it does not understand is that the best publicity is the consistent delivery of high quality medical care with kindness and compassion. It was our hope that the new administration would carry out radical reform. Instead the new administration has made itself comfortable with those who have created and continue to create the problems. A pretty front made of signs and media shows, self-congratulatory ceremonies and celebrations do not substitute for the real achievements of day in and day out competence and caring for patients and their loved ones. What this administration also does not understand is that like the cover up at Penn State, eventually the hidden truth of LSU Health Sciences Center will come to light. The chickens will come home to roost.

We respectfully request that Governor Jindal and HHS Secretary Sebelius intervene immediately.


Louisiana Citizens for HealthCare Reform
PO Box 44276
Shreveport, Louisiana 71134

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    1. Meeting Time and Place

      The meeting of the Louisiana Citizens for HealthCare Reform will be on November 17th, 2012. It will be held at the Hollywood/Union Branch of the Shreveport Public Library System from noon to 2PM. The address of the library is 2105 Hollywood Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana. The invitation to attend this meeting is only to those who signed this petition.

    2. Meeting Announcement

      After trying to work with the LSUHSC administration and our local politicians it is clear to us that they have no intention of stopping patient abuse and incompetence at LSU Health Sciences Center in spite being shown clear evidence of its occurrence. Therefore we the citizens must take matters into our own hands. As a first step the Louisiana Citizens for HealthCare Reform is asking ONLY those who signed this petition to attend a planning meeting on November 17th, 2012. This is when we will formulate our next steps to eliminate the old and create a new LSUHSC.

      The Shreveport Sun printed a revealing front page article: "Group Claims That Patients are Being Mistreated at LSUHSC" October 18th, 2012. The Sun is the only paper that will print the truth about LSUHSC. LSUHSC has conducted a media campaign. But no amount of advertising can cover up the failure of the administration to eliminate staff who are incompetent or who have abused patients. We look forward to seeing you.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Diane Simpkins SHREVEPORT, LA
      • 2 months ago

      I hope it's not too late to make my opinion known. I have been mistreated by LSUHSC in the past. I pray that they correct themselves and start treating everyone properly.

      God bless, Diannee Temple

      • about 2 years ago

      Because anyone should expect the best care when you or someone you love goes to the hospital. This is a right and not a privilege!

    • Wali Amin SHREVEPORT, LA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because someone has to be concerned about the injustices being done to innocent people and stand up against wrong doing people.

      • over 2 years ago

      We jointly signed because this level of incompetence has been going on for too long. Such blindness in the eyes of those truly capable of changing matters for the better have lived irresponsibly like sleeping dogs amidst the continuous poor treatment of patients who remain voiceless. It is time for this to cease NOW! Wake up!

    • Cuthbert Simpkins MD SHREVEPORT, LA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing because of the incompetence that I witnessed and reported while I was the trauma director at LSU Health Sciences Center. When I came back to Louisiana I had never seen anything like it in my entire career as a trauma surgeon of over 25 years. If someone had told me I wouldn't have believed it. I will do all I can to stop the incompetence that I saw there and the abuse that the Louisiana Citizens for HealthCare Reform has documented.


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