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  • Petitioned Governor Andrew M. Cuomo & the New York State Legislature

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo & the New York State Legislature

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo & the New York State Legislature: Pass and Enact Boating Safety Legislation (A3550/S6633 of 2012)

    1. Sandy Galef
    2. Petition by

      Sandy Galef

      Ossining, NY

It is critical to protect the boating public from accidents causing injuries and fatalities on New York's waters. There recently have been several fatalities causing families and friends much anguish. New York must require boating safety education for all those who operate mechanically propelled vessels. This legislation, A3550/S6633 of 2012, sponsored by New York State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef and New York State Senator David Carlucci, would phase in the boating education requirement over a period of time, so that the youngest operators are educated first and it would gradually include all mechanically propelled boat operators.

The legislation can be viewed here: http://www.assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?default_fld=&bn=A03550&term=&Summary=Y&Actions=Y&Votes=Y&Memo=Y&Text=Y

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    • Andrew Prosser MONTROSE, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I'm a jet skier and it currently puts me at risk having untrained boaters in much larger craft flying around the water.

    • Leslie Wollin PORT WASHINGTON, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      As a boater, I have seen too many people on the water who have no idea what they are doing. We need this legislation to prevent accidents caused by boaters who do not boating safetly.

    • Theodore Prager GREAT NECK, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Been boating for 63 years. It;s time we stop the ignorant people on the water.

      • almost 2 years ago

      I have been boating most of my life and I have seen lots of inadquacy on the water by Boaters. Things I took for granted because I have been instructed over the years by adults that were always around. My father let us grow up in a boat yard during the summer as there is where he spent a lot of time, When I joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary and became more aware of stories and facts from a wide range of sources, it became apparent to me that people should be made aware of operating boats. You cannot buy a boat and think that wherever you see water you can go. You cannot buy a motor vehicle and just start driving without knowing some rules and regulations. If you value life you do need info on what you are about to get involved in.

      • almost 2 years ago

      I am with the USCGAUX this is the best thing yet everyone should how some knowledge on operating a boat


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