Provide Equal Citizenship to the Stateless
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Provide Equal Citizenship to the Stateless

    1. John Moore
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      John Moore

      Winthrop, MA

After a contributor joined A Better People and wrote A stateless encounter with state terror ( I was reminded of the reading I had done in the past about the Bedoon people.

They live within Kuwait, but are considered Stateless, without basic rights or freedoms. They are not even considered second class citizens, often treated no better than that annoying insect you seek to swat as it lands near you.

This article refers to two key documents that I would encourage you to read:
■Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Refugees International, open letter to the Emir of Kuwait
■Group 29, Report Observing and Documenting the Violations Of Stateless (Bidoun) Children’s Rights Website and

These organizations document a clear pattern of inhumane treatment, of human rights violations, that would move anyone to action.

I want, we want, the Stateless of Kuwait to be given citizenship. To share in the rights, and the responsibilities, of their neighbors. Nothing more. Nothing less.

All I ask is:
■That you read these documents and check out the original article that I link to above.
■Share this information with your friends, both online and offline.
■Call and write your politicians and ask them to stand up and say enough is enough.

I started #FreeStatelessInKuwait because I believe that you can only change the world if you set aside your fears and first, and most importantly, simply try to change it. If we all come together and stand up for what is right, we can create a better world for all.

Demand freedom. Demand Equality. Live as one, Live in Peace. #FreeStatelessInKuwait

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    2. What I am asking the Kuwait Government to do for #FreeStatelessInKuwait

      John Moore
      Petition Organizer

      The Stateless of Kuwait deserve their freedom. They are human beings, no less than, no more than, their brothers and sisters who are Kuwaiti citizens.

      Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Refugees International provided a written document, outlining the failures by the Government of Kuwait in this area. This document outlined five steps that should be taken immediately, these steps are
      ■enable Bidun residents to go to court to challenge decisions taken by the Bidun Committee and to make the case for their recognition as Kuwaiti nationals
      ■provide, without further delay, proof of nationality to the 34,000 individuals acknowledged to be Kuwaiti nationals by the Bidun Committee, and start a fair and transparent adjudication of the other 80,000 pending applications for nationality, including by providing the right to appeal
      ■guarantee the right to peaceful assembly to Bidun and end the use of excessive force as a response to peaceful demonstrations for Bidun rights

    3. ما المطلوب من الحكومة الكويتية فيما يتعلق بقضية عديمي الجنسية؟

      John Moore
      Petition Organizer

      عديمي الجنسية في الكويت يستحقون الحرية، فهم بشر وليسوا أقل من ذلك، كما إنهم ليسوا أكثر من إخوانهم وأخواتهم المواطنين الكويتيين.

      قامت كلاً من منظمة العفو الدولية، وهيومن رايتس ووتش، والمنظمة الدولية للاجئين بتقديم الأدلة والوثائق التي تثبت فشل الحكومة الكويتية في هذا المجال. إقترحت الوثائق المذكورة خمسة خطوات ينبغي على الحكومة الكويتية اتخاذها على الفور، وهذه الخطوات هي:

      - السماح لعديمي الجنسية اللجوء إلى القضاء للطعن في القرارات التي يتخذها الجهاز المركزي لمعالجة أوضاع المقيمين بصورة غير قانونية وكذلك رفع الدعاوي للإعتراف بهم كمواطنين كويتيين.

      - منح الجنسية وبدون تأخير لعدد 34 ألف عديم جنسية اعترف بهم الجهاز المركزي كمواطنين كويتيين، وكذلك تمكين الـ 80 ألف الآخرين اللجوء إلى القضاء للفصل في طلبات تجنيسهم بنزاهة وشفافية وضمان حق الطعن لهم.

      - ضمان حق التجمع السلمي لعديمي الجنسية ووضع حد لإستخدام القوة المفرطة ضدهم، وكذلك التحقيق في إدعاءات عديمي الجنسية ضد إنتهاكات وسوء معاملة قوات الشرطة، وأيضاً الإفراج عن المحتجزين خلال التجمعات السلمية أو تمكينهم من محاكمة عادلة وشفافة وسريعة.

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      • 11 months ago

      I like under the rule of a despotic British government that is seeking to intentionally make people stateless; I believe that you could do better than this.

      • 12 months ago

      The Bedoun people should receive the same medical assistance and education for their children as any other citizen of Kuwait. Why is one group deprived of basic human rights?

      • 12 months ago

      The Bedoon people in Kuwait should have equal citizenship as they have been in Kuwait since before independance

    • khawla alsuwaidilady 176, KUWAIT
      • 12 months ago

      I'm iraqi and kuwait government put me in their jail since 1991 without my human rights, they abuse my life, i want the world to hear my voice and set me free and set my 2 sisters with me, they killed my brother and hid his corpse, we don't know where's his corpse and kuwait gov refused to set us free,they don't want any one to hear our voice or help us, please someone spread my message to free ppl.

    • hafsa begum LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 12 months ago

      You should treat all human well as life is sacred.


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