No FDI in Retail : NASVI opposes FDI in Retail
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No FDI in Retail : NASVI opposes FDI in Retail

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      New Delhi, India

National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) on Saturday strongly opposed the central government’s decision to allow FDI in retail trade and called upon the street vendors and their organizations to protest the government’s move on streets across the country.

The Association said that the FDI infiltration into retail sector would badly impact the livelihood of vendors and small retailers and the massive contribution of vendors and retailers to city, state and national economies would get drastically down.

Protesting the decision of the government, NASVI national coordinator Arbind Singh said, “The government is showing scant regard to widespread popular opposition to FDI in retail. It seems the internal economic regeneration through augmenting local urban economies in an inclusive manner and, thereby, boosting the national economy is out of the agenda of the government. It is nothing short of national disaster for working poor of the country. We call upon the street vendors and other small retailers to rise in protest against this disastrous decision of the government.” Charging the government with protecting the interests of realtors and mall developers, NASVI coordinator said, “FDI would ruin the retail and help the realty sector as the move would create demand of mall and real estate developers for retail space.”

He said that at one level the UPA government was introducing the Bill to protect livelihood of street vendors, but on the other allowing multinational retail giants to further threaten the livelihood of vendors. It is not overcoming what the corporate and the media call ‘policy paralyses, the fact remains that the government is politically confused.

He also found official government arguments diversionary and said that small farmers and consumers would certainly not get benefitted and a new class of middlemen patronized by Wal-Mart type companies would emerge. The inflation would not come down, prices of essential goods would further escalate and incidence of labour rights violation would be regular.

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    • Raghava Solipuram HOUSTON, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      Mother India for Sale to Multi national Companies::

      Dear concerned people of India,

      It is one of the sad and anguish days in my life listening to the news of dictatorial way of Congress government allowing Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Retail in India. I dont see any need for FDI in retail. Any country has to be self sustainable in its basic needs. Basic needs cannot be outsourced. There is no business in the world who does charity in the welfare of other country in the form of FDI. Literally this government has accepted that we cannot rule our own people and we are at your mercy. This is a self immolation. Bharath matha is for sale. The way the government is explaining is: Mothers milk cannot produce employment whereas the powder milk generates employment. So use powder milk for babies instead of mothers milk. Use mother to produce babies only. In the same manner, FDI companies saw consumers in India and exploiting bharath Matha.

      The destruction the green revolution brought to India is beyond repair. A tale of punjab (Cancer Train)

      With MNCs exploiting India, Now life is money and money is life. With the kind of lifestyle we have, We are already experiencing health hazards and various cancers. Water pollution and water scarcity, draught situation with more and more trees cut in the name of development. We saw infront of our eyes in Andhra pradesh in the name of SEZ and other developments how many lands were grabbed from farmers. Most of the villages are deserted. Remember, we cannot build a nation at the cost of our childrens and grand childrens future.

      just think my friends, is it a possibility to sell the produce, fruits and vegetables at a lower price and give more price to producers without compromising on the quality of product ? Initially, these global companies will be very attractive and can bear losses. Till the time people get used to their products and services, these companies will lower their prices and can bear losses wityh the amount of money and political power they have in various countries. This is the time all our Indian businesses starts closing down as the people go to the cheaper stores like walmart and so on. This will kill our indigeneous stores. Once all other stores are closed and people gets used to their way of things, now the real pain starts.

      For people who thinks China is very powerful and developed, please see below (Life in rural china)

      Our country is already experiencing the following with the intervention of Foreign investments and take overs

      1) Farmers suicides on raise with foreign seeds, pesticides and fertilizers contributing to it. Recorded farm suicides in India from 1995 to 2010 is 2,56,913

      2) Killed Organic farming. Only fertilizer and pesticides farming

      3) Health risks high because of malnutrition.

      4) Cancer everywhere in the country

      5) Water and Air pollution rapidly increasing

      6) Depletion of Natural resources

      7) Inflation growing and growing.

      8) bhopal gas tragedy (in 1984 , 20000 people died and 558,125 injured. the case was pending for 26 years)

      A country becomes developed and super power if it is self sufficient and can live on its own without dependending on other countries. There is no way we should allow FDI in retail and Multibrand which covers our basic needs. We cannot compromise on basic needs. Indians and Indian government will be slaves under corporate culture. The wealth and the power of this country is being sold to foreign companies and countries at a fast pace. If we do not act quickly it would be too late.

      Food for thought with FDI in effect in USA:

      1) Why in USA a family of 4 pays (directly and/or indirectly) an average of $1400.00 per month towards health insurance when the family spends an average of only $250.00 per month towards food expenses. Health insurance costs are increasing every year.

      2) Why American government is struggling hard to keep the economy floating and constantly trying to create jobs. Economy is THE top most agenda in Presidential polls in 2012.

      3) Why USA Federal Debt is $16 Trillion.

      3) Why in America and other countries there are Occupy Cities Movements (Occupy Wall street, Occupy Houston,...)

    • Prabhat Kumar MUMBAI, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because I identify with the street vendors cause and their livelihood issues.

    • Anish Thomas INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Mall culture is not suitable for indian people because even now more people are living in common villages and their purchase capacity is low when compared to other states and nations.

      • about 2 years ago

      we wanted to support our vendors.

    • Ankita Verma GHAZIABAD, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Major threat to the livelihood of millions of Indians


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