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amend the Comprehensive Crime Control Act

    1. Jay Meranchik
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      Jay Meranchik

      Pompano Beach, FL

Because our nations brave and loyal K-9s are out there working for 10yrs average protecting the publics safety and our nations security but when retired they receive no medical benefits for their working. Many are put to sleep if the handler can not afford the high cost of the medical care. Also our Nations Police K-9s are classified as Equipment, like a desk or chair so when they are hurt, sick or too old to work, they are discarded they are offered to the handler and his medical needs are now the burden of the handler, if too expensive they are put to sleep, if a K-9 is injured on the job , if surgery is needed and the K-9 will not return to work Police Dept. will not pay leaving it up to the handler. The Police K-9 Bill Of Rights fixes the problem with out hurting any budget line and all of our nations K-9s can have the medical benefits they deserve.

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