Support Marijuana Legalization in Wisconsin
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Support Marijuana Legalization in Wisconsin

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      Representative Melissa Sargent

Become a citizen co-sponsor of LRB 3671 to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Wisconsin. Your support will show Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature that the citizens of Wisconsin are ready for full legalization in Wisconsin.

This bill will benefit Wisconsin and its citizens in many ways, including: addressing racial disparities in arrests, providing medical benefits, time and cost savings to law enforcement, and additional revenue for the state. Full legalization will address the unfounded prohibition and denial of the freedom of choice by adults. This bill would bring marijuana usage out of the shadows and allow adults who are 21 and over to partake in it as they see fit. 

The facts clearly show that legalization is right for Wisconsin and that the most dangerous thing about marijuana is that it's illegal.

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    • Shaun Nelson TREGO, WI
      • about 13 hours ago

      I believe the law against the use of marijuana is a joke. I was recently charged with possession so I have basically been scared to do it at all. I used to use it as a natural stress reliever after a hard days work. I'm not saying it is for everyone...but it should be available for everyone. The attempt to prohibit the use of marijuana is simply a waste of time and money. Plus it has health benefits.

    • Eric Carlson LAKE GENEVA, WI
      • about 14 hours ago

      This will bring more jobs, more money for schools,fire dept., police dept., infrastructure, wherever spending is needed. Alcohol and cigarettes are far far worse then marijuana but they are legal.....Time to wake up Walker and move Wisconsin FORWARD!!!

    • Brenna Osborne ANTIGO, WI
      • about 17 hours ago

      Marijuana is a plant. Are we going to start making Christmas trees and roses illegal too? Legalize! ❤️

    • Lizzy Fleischman ANTIGO, WI
      • about 18 hours ago

      I'm signing because marijuana both recreationally and medicinally will benefit the world. Stop oppressing a drug that you don't understand!

    • sabrina deangelis APPLETON, WI
      • about 18 hours ago

      I am a strong believer in the marijuana industry and the positive effect it will have on not only our society but our economy as well.


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