Repeal HB272 (DOMA) in Ohio
  • Petitioned Speaker Batchelder, Senate President Neihaus, and Governor Kasich

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Speaker Batchelder, Senate President Neihaus, and Governor Kasich
Speaker Batchelder, Senate President Neihaus, and Governor Kasich
Speaker Batchelder, Senate President Neihaus, and Governor Kasich
Speaker Batchelder, Senate President Neihaus, and Governor Kasich
Cheryl L. Grossman
Barbara R. Sears
Mike Dovilla
Jim Butler
Kirk Schuring
Ron Young
Joseph W. Uecker
Anthony DeVitis
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State Sen. Joseph Uecker
State Rep. William Batchelder
Gov. John Kasich

Repeal HB272 (DOMA) in Ohio

    1. Adam Hoover
    2. Petition by

      Adam Hoover

      harrison, OH

HB272 or DOMA destroys marriage in the state of Ohio. If DOMA stays in action, Ohio will run the risk of not allowing all citizens to be equal under marriage laws. Ohio should be out for the protection of all of its citizens equally under law. Immediate action by the Ohio General Assembly is essential to remove the discrimination that has been placed upon the Ohio citizens!

DOMAs assert in the state of Ohio should not be regulating private relationships between individuals. But to extend the benefits of marriage to any committed relationship. Marriage was created as a unique relationship that was for those involved shall it be husband and husband, wife and wife, husband and wife. A marriage is a stable relationship that allows a healthier, safer and better off financially than unmarried couples. The public has an interest in stable families. But never defined what a family shall be just a man and a woman.

We, as a nation, are at a unique moment in history where we can rethink the role of marriage. Marriage as we understand it as a religious expression that two people in a committed partnership enjoy in relation to the laws of a society. The same laws ought to apply to all citizens equally in Ohio. The state cannot and ought not to dictate the disciplines and doctrines of a particular faith community. Thus, religious communities ought to remain free to marry or not to marry whomever that community chooses. At the same time, any individual who offers goods and services to the general public ought to be prohibited from discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation. Marriage is no longer primarily an economic contract to help people meet their basic needs, but now marriage is a loving commitment to help people live a fulfilling life. It is no longer only about sustenance of life, but it is also about the joy of life.

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights; that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." This statement was made by Thomas Jefferson in the declaration of independence. Ohio has started to remove the natural rights of its citizens by not following the words of Thomas Jefferson. By not allowing every citizen the chance to fulfill their own "pursuit of Happiness." The pursuit of happiness is simply one's god given right to commit actions that allow a person to pursue happiness, so long as that pursuit does not deliberately involve interfering directly or indirectly with others happiness. A marriage is the pursuit of happiness between two consenting adults. Only effecting the two individuals involved in the marriage. So if the two involved in the marriage are happy the state ought not and shall not step into interfere with the individuals pursuing their happiness.

This petition is set to repeal HB272 and its provisions such as:

1. Sec. 3101.01(A) amendment: "A marriage may only be entered into by one man and one woman." This language would be added to age requirements and restrictions on marrying a close relative.

2. Sec. 3101.01(C)(1): "Any marriage between persons of the same sex is against the strong public policy of this state. Any marriage between persons of the same sex shall have no legal force or effect in this state…"

3. Sec. 3101.01(C)(2): "Any marriage entered into by persons of the same sex in any other jurisdiction shall be considered and treated in all respects as having no legal force or effect in this state and shall not be recognized by this state."

4. Sec. 3101.01(C)(3): This section prohibits the specific statutory benefits of legal marriage to no marital relationships. However, it states, "Nothing in division (C)(3) of this section prohibits the extension of specific benefits otherwise enjoyed by all persons, married or unmarried to no marital relationships."

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    • Mattea May DELAWARE, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      I am not signing this out of spite. Nor am I signing it as a retaliation. It's hard to know what it's like to be homosexual unless you are experiencing it. Let me tell you how it is for me.

      I was raised believing in God. Before I ever knew what it meant to be gay, I was going to church with my mother and being told that God would always love me, no matter what. Now, in MY opinion, my mom is probably one of the greatest people on this earth as far as being a supportive, open-minded, compassionate, loving individual. She has been the sanctuary in my life. I can go to her for anything and know that as disappointed or upset as she may be, she absolutely loves me to the moon and back.

      Moving on, when I was about 12 years old, I realized that I was probably gay. Although I wasn't EXACTLY sure what that meant.. I knew I was attracted to women and that my boyfriends were cute, but I really just wanted them as friends.

      At 14 or 15, I don't remember exactly.. my mom found out. Now I say "found out" because I don't know how she knew. She simply asked one day, "Are you gay?" Of course, I started crying and replied, "I think so!", and it was a big emotional thing.

      I made it through high school without getting involved in drugs, alcohol and/or sex. I was in marching band and therefore had a wonderful "band family" that had my back every step of the way. Seriously.. Band is (I'm sure) one of the only reasons I graduated high school...along with an extremely patient, generous English teacher.

      Fast-forward 3 years.

      I'm 21 years old, getting ready for college this fall. I have one friend who has been the BEST friend that I could ever have wanted. We've been friends since we were about 8, I think. She was there for me even when I was still trying to figure out who I was. Even when I was a big jerk to her for not really any reason.

      I have days when I feel like I'm nobody, will always be nobody, wondering if God hates me for who I am. I think to myself, "Maybe this was a test and I failed. Maybe I am supposed to fight this. Maybe it IS the devil whispering in my ear, telling me that I was born gay. Maybe I CAN help it."

      Of course, at that point I straighten up, just like my mam-maw always told me to do, and I know that I am exactly who I am supposed to be. And if for some reason I can't bring myself to do that, my best friend and my mother are on either side of me, pulling me to my feet.

      ....and THAT is why I'm signing. Because I know that it's OK to fall in love with any and all genders, races, colors, shapes, sizes and nationalities.. Because any love is good love. Get it while you can. Come on, people now. Smile on your brother, EVERYBODY get together. Try to love one another.

    • brian hughes NEWARK, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      have been with my partner and want to legally be seen as partners and marry, and have rights heterosexuals take for granted alot

    • Kathi Clawson LEBANON, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      Anything less than total equality is unacceptable.

    • Gabriella Marrison JEFFERSON, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      So eventually I can marry in my home state!

    • Rachelle Kneisley ZANESVILLE, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      I have been with my "partner" on and off again for 8 years. I ran from my sexuality for a long time due to fear of what others would say. We exchanged vows in front of friends and family in September, and would love the opportunity for our marriage to be legally recognized. My relationship does not affect people against same sex marriage, the same as their marriage doesn't affect mine. My wife is my wife reguardless of what the law says.


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