GOP Leader Vincent D Reda Must Resign
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Republican Party of New York State and Rockland County

GOP Leader Vincent D Reda Must Resign

    1. Michael Ayers
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      Michael Ayers

      Garnerville, NY

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Recording of Mr. Reda's automated phone call:   

Petition Letter

On April 23, 2012, one day before New York's Republican Presidential Primary, an automated call was made to registered Republican voters in Rockland County, NY. The caller identifies himself as "Rockland County Republican Chairman, Vincent Reda" and boldly demands that "we as Republicans get out to vote and support Mitt Romney for President." More importantly, he follows his demand by falsely claiming that "the other candidates have dropped out of the race."

We, the signed, understand that two conditions exist that may apply to Mr. Reda, and may not be mutually exclusive, in our understanding of the circumstances that may have attributed to his lying to party members:

A) Vincent Reda was ignorant of the current status of his own party's primary election and the standing of its candidates' campaigns.


B) Vincent Reda acted on the malicious intent to unethically sway the election in favor of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, abusing his power as First Vice Chairman of the New York Republican State Committee and, perhaps, even violating election laws.

Either scenario demonstrates Vincent Reda's utter incompetence and discredits any claim he may have to his position. He has betrayed the trust of his party members, corrupted our democratic process, and is unworthy of representing Republicans in any capacity. His values and his actions are inconsistent with those required by his distinguished position and deserved by the Republican Party.

With these facts wholly considered, we, the signed, demand that Vincent Reda, First Vice Chairman of the New York Republican State Committee, resign from any positions held and assume no other in the Republican Party. We also demand a public apology from Vincent Reda and the New York Republican State Committee.



Citizens for honest leaders

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    1. While Reda's Political Career Teeters Over a Cliff, He's Hung Up On Words.

      Michael Ayers
      Petition Organizer

      In an act that can only be described as childish and desperate, "Reda Says “Republican Academy” Group Can’t Use the Word 'Republican'."

      A Republican in name only is pointing the finger at a group dedicated to authentic Republicanism for supposedly using their name without authorization from the official party. Is the irony and utter hypocrisy killing you yet?

    2. Rockland Republic Academy Rallies Around Our Cause

      Michael Ayers
      Petition Organizer

      Local Republicans are working together to restore integrity to the local GOP and that means pushing Reda out!

    3. We Now Have Strong Local Support & A Growing Coordinated Movement!

      Michael Ayers
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you to everyone who has already signed. It has been several weeks but, given the momentum we have built, I kindly urge you to circulate this petition further. This petition was a hot topic at the last committee meeting and Reda himself knows that we are coming for him. A local coordinated effort is being made by committed Republicans to replace the establishment hacks that have had a stranglehold on the GOP in the county and the state. Many are Ron Paul supporters themselves or sympathetic to our cause. I have met personally with many of these patriots and we have a well laid plan to fill or replace committee seats to force Reda out and redirect the party towards traditional Republican principles of Constitutionally limited government.

      Please see the link below and those posted to the 'Petition Updates' section to read about the change YOU are helping bring about.

      Thank you again for your role in bringing accountability to our republican government.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Tina Lambert ROCHESTER, NH
      • over 2 years ago

      We need more honesty in politics. The people are tired of the same old same.

    • Stephen Schweter BRENTWOOD, NY
      • over 2 years ago


      I have sent a letter to the NYS board of elections in protest of Mr.Vincent D Reda.

      If someone can tell me how to get the letter to the web I will do so. I have scanned it and sent it to a fellow person who is in the Dr.Ron Paul meetup group. Any advice on how to post this where more people may see it.


      Stephen Schweter

    • Lawrence Stone NEW CITY, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      DO MORE THAN SIGN THIS PETITION.... Join The Rockland Republican Academy. We are the local force that will be voting to remove this opportunist from his seat.

      We believe that it is our civic duty to ensure that Republican candidates interested in running for office have an honest fair shot at doing so and if they earn the nomination, that they are supported within the Republican Party by Rockland Republicans like you.

      We are beholden to no man or party bosses but to our principles, and the Constitution. We intend to hold our candidates accountable way before the opposition get’s a chance to do so. It’s time for a change in Rockland County from the one party rule that has dominated us for so long. Click through to "LIKE" us and sign up for updates:

    • Diane Mickelson TAYLOR, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Unethical behavior

    • Angela Ebert BUFFALO, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      A certain amount of dishonesty is expected from politicians - it's the nature of the beast. HOWEVER, this is completely unacceptable. Reda has created a bad name for Republicans as well as New Yorkers. We will not stand for this.


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