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Bring focus to The Galaxy Nexus

    1. Adam Eyster
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      Adam Eyster

      Los Angeles, CA

The Galaxy Nexus was to be a flagship device for Verizon from Google. Nexus devices are special in the sense that Google handles the design and most UI interactions along with Samsung in this case. Verizon is the handler. Someone between Google / Verizon has dropped the ball on this device of which thousands of customers have become dissatisfied with over the past 5-6 months. The LTE device that was exclusive on Verizon, up till recently, was given an update to the much anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich to 4.0.2. This was infested with bugs and shortly a 4.0.3 update was rushed out, but quickly pulled before all owners of the device received it. Rumors of a 4.0.4 and a possible 4.0.5 update have emerged and decimated over the past months, but nothing has given yet. GSM verizon owners have received an update recently in the past month, and Spring launched the same phone WITH a 4.0.4 update, but still no news for Verizon LTE holders.

I want this petition to grab Google / Verizon software engineers attention and to see how many people are enraged at this lack of care and attention from loyal users around the country. We demand an update AND better communication if they expect customers to continue purchasing their products and avoid returns.

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      Adam Eyster
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to all those who have signed so far! This is a great number for the first day. But we need to keep going. If everyone who has signed could take the time to share either on google + and/or Facebook, twitter, we could double numbers pretty quickly. Help make this possible! And thank you again for your support .

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    • Brendon Cooper SAN JOSE, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      We bought a nexus device to receive updates quickly. Most of us are willing/expecting a few bugs in updates but we still want them! If you still want to do testing then allow us to set our phones to accept beta updates or something!

    • Todd Kennedy ANSONIA, CT
      • over 2 years ago

      My phone on LTE gets less than LTE speeds, so why am I paying Verizon for this wonderful network if I can't utilize it's speed on my phone...

    • Chirag Patel NASHUA, NH
      • over 2 years ago

      Here are the issues:

      1. 3G-4G hand off and vice-versa take forever. The moment is gone before I need the data. I brag about the device being the fastest but it hits Murphy's Law of "If anything can go wrong, it will" when I am trying to display something to my friends. Utter BS!

      2. Battery life is pathetic. I am a network engineer and when I am on call, which is every 3rd week, I go through 2 extended batteries a day, just trying to keep with pages, checking NOC statuses, etc. Utter BS # 2. On regular basis, I have to constantly keep an eye on it.

      3. My wife has a CDMA VZ iPhone and she charges it every 3rd day ... wtf !

      4. Google Music Player crashes like it's designed to crap out on you when the best part of the song is about to come on. Major Duschy bug !! BS # 3.

      5. Navigation takes for ever to sync up with the satellite as if its still waiting for the rocket carrying sat payload to make a lift off .... who knows how many times I missed an exit or destination b/c the freaking thing was still looking for a satellite ... in open sky !! I guess the space debris is getting in the way ... touche, spacemen, with your spaceshit blocking the signal :-/

      6. Did I mention the battery life sucks? While writing this petition, it beeped for more juice ... like a kid .. always whining for more juice.

      7. Freaking thing reboots for no reason. Wish I could just bounce from work for couple hours and come back and tell my manager .. hey .. i need an upgrade!

    • Charlie Durie EVINGTON, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because I paid $299 for a Premium device that doesn't work. It rebooted daily..drops 3G connection..takes 6 seconds for the screen to rotate...and speaker goes out.

    • William Flynn SKIPWITH, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am getting tired of all the problems the phone is having


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