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Terminate 9MAXOZ6's YouTube Account

    1. Donovan Wesner
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      Donovan Wesner

      Eustis, FL

I am writing this petition to have YouTube terminate 9MAXOZ6's YouTube account because he is anti-gay, and has made homophobic comments on other people's videos.

Here's some of his comments:
"Gay marriage and gay adoption is wrong"
"Homosexulity should be illegal because faggotry is wrong"
"You are a gay furry, the worst type of people, your parents should be ashamed. Yiff in hell furfag."
"Wow, people nowadays are so retarded, I'm not religious, but i think gay is unnatural, especially gay men, they are so annoying and disgusting. And I hate the fact that "homophobia" is compared to racism."

I want YouTube to terminate this user's account immediately.

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