Google: Shut Down Online Ivory and Whale Sales
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Google: Shut Down Online Ivory and Whale Sales

    1. Jude Price
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      Jude Price

      Adelaide, Australia

According to the Environmental Investigation Agency (March 4 2013), Google is facilitating the trade in illegal ivory. 35,000 elephants are killed every year for their tusks - and Google is helping the illegal trade by not policing its own policies. Mr Page and Mr Brin - be responsible corporate citizens, follow your own policies, remove any advertisments for illegal products. On time, every time.

The News Article on the Environmental Investigation Agency website:
Google Promotes Online Sales of Elephant and Whale Products

Note: The author of this petition is not associated with EiA.

Google Policies
"Google has laudable policies that prohibit the promotion of endangered wildlife products including whale, dolphin and elephant ivory, but sadly these are not being enforced and that’s devastating for whales and elephants,” said EIA President Allan Thornton. “While elephants are being mass slaughtered across Africa to produce ivory trinkets, it is shocking to discover that Google, with the massive resources it has at its disposal, is failing to enforce its own policies designed to help protect endangered elephants and whales.”

EiA stated "An estimated 35,000 African elephants are now being illegally killed for their tusks each year.

A search for elephant products yields around 10,000 ads on Google Japan’s Shopping site promoting elephant ivory for sale. About 80 per cent of the elephant ivory ads are for ‘hanko’, Japanese name seals used to affix signatures to documents. Hanko sales, a major demand-driver for elephant ivory, have contributed to the wide-scale resumption of elephant poaching across Africa."

"Clare Perry, head of EIA’s Cetaceans Campaign, said: “Google Japan Shopping is promoting the sale of a huge variety of products from threatened and endangered whale species.  These range from endangered fin whales killed in Iceland to products taken from animals killed off Taiji, where the infamous dolphin kills featured in the Oscar-winning film The Cove take place. Google must immediately eliminate all such trade.”

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      Jude Price
      Petition Organizer

      Despite over 9000 signatures and a further 60,000 on another petition Google has not yet ceased its sales. The Environmental Investigation Agency continues its negotiations. This petition sent emails with every signature to the founders of Google. We had our say. Thanks to one and all for your support. Since this petition went live, thousands of kilograms of Ivory has been destroyed in the USA, Gabon, Philippines, Kenya and even 6 tonnes in China. The world is mobilised for Elephants but we need all your help. Stay connected at and at

    2. Reached 8,000 signatures
    3. Google Yet to Respond to EiA

      Jude Price
      Petition Organizer

      Despite a call by over 5000+ of you here and a further 15,000+ at a sister petition by Hogan Sherrow who is also calling on Google CEO and Founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin are yet to respond to the Environmental Investigation Agency. Please also sign and share this petition:
      Please SHARE both petitions to your networks so Google really DOES get the message: NO more sales in Ivory and Whale products.
      Visit also Environmental Investigation Agency Facebook page to connect with their brilliant work here:

      Larry Page, CEO of Google: Pull all ads promoting the sale of ivory on Google pages immediately

      Seventy years ago 5 million elephants roamed the forests and savannahs of Africa, today there are only a few hundred thousand. Last year alone, some...

    4. Reached 5,000 signatures
    5. Canadian Supporter Sponsors Petition

      Jude Price
      Petition Organizer

      18 March 2013. A huge thanks to the anonymous Canadian supporter who has sponsored this petition to be presented to other petition signers. Let's keep the momentum up and help EiA too and share with 10 more friends each, on our social networking sites, twitter etc too. Thanks all for your help, comments and care.

    6. Google has not responded to our calls...

      Jude Price
      Petition Organizer

      11 March 2013 Dear Supporters, Google may have removed the sales from online as reported a few days ago - but they are still yet to contact the Environmental Investigation Agency in response to formal correspondence - lets keep the pressure up!

    7. Reached 3,000 signatures
    8. EiA ANnounce that Google have removed the Ivory & Whale Adverts, but...

      Jude Price
      Petition Organizer

      Please keep sharing and sign if you haven't yet...

      UPDATE on GOOGLE'S BLOOD TRADE from 8 MARCH Environmental Investigation Agency "It's too early to call it officially, but it looks as if Google has taken down thousands of ivory and whale products!

      Searches today [8 March] of the Google Japan Shopping site using the terms 'whale' (くじら), 'whale Iceland' (クジラアイスランド) and 'ivory' (象牙) call up vastly reduced numbers of items.

      Now we need a formal announcement from Google's senior management, to formally confirm the products of endangered whales and elephants have been removed - and they they'll stay banned.

      Until we get that, you can help keep up the pressure on Google by LIKING & SHARING this post widely to encourage friends and family to join us in calling on Google commit to maintaining a ban on such products."

    9. Reached 2,500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Joy Owens ESTERO, FL
      • 8 months ago

      There are resins today that perfectly emulate ivory. Allowing the killing of my magical elephants for greed, further diminishes our murderous species, if that's at all possible.

    • Emma Galbraith AUSTIN, TX
      • 8 months ago

      Google needs to enforce their policies, otherwise they're hypocrites.

    • Patrice Pop PROVIDENCE, RI
      • 10 months ago

      Money changes everyone it seems.

      • 11 months ago

      I love elephants and do not find ivory ornaments attractive so why don't we just leave the elephants alone?

    • Michael Telafici EVANSTON, IL
      • 11 months ago

      I visit Africa regularly to see ivory on living elephants. Don't be evil...


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