Please kill your Penguin update!l
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Please kill your Penguin update!l

    1. Jane Dorpish
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      Jane Dorpish

With the recent Google Penguin update, it has become nearly impossible for small content based websites to stay competitive with large publishers like eHow, WikiHow, Yahoo Answers and Amazon.

Countless webmasters have seen their livelihoods vanish overnight. In a recent interview, Sergey Brin came out against "Walled Gardens" of the likes of Facebook and expressed worries about the direction that the internet. Ironically, the Penguin update has created a similar garden that only admits multimillion dollar publishing platforms.

On personal level, this update has ruined small online businesses, passive incomes and families livelyhoods worldwide.  The following are stories from independent publishers that has lost everything:


Example #1

"I got stuffed by it. I have a 7 year old website with SEO work done on it several years ago. No real SEO done in the past 3 years. So I have been penalised for SEO work done 3 years ago is all I can think.

My website “was” top of its niche, with several hundred multi million pound clients. In the past day we have had a 90% drop in traffic and all but a bare few keywords left with rankings. Over 250 rankings we did have that we monitor each day have gone. These were top 3 rankings, now not even in the top 200.

We have never done any bad SEO, we need to compete, but we have never done black hat. Saying that, what we did do was borderline, but then so does everyone else so we were left with little choice.

Overnight my business which supports my 5 children, 3 employees, pays for my mortgage and debts etc has been wiped out.

Thanks Google. At a time where almost every country in the world is suffering, way to go with applying a little more hardship to people whom have just tried to play the game as does everyone.

Matthew A. "


Example #2

"I built a public benefit website that for 8 years has helped thousands and thousands of addicts find addiction treatment for free… We were able to provide the service through the industry paying for featured status for their centers in our directory of treatment centers… Harvard’s addiction hospital links to us, as well as a number of super picky super high quality websites… A few years back I started to notice crap links pointing at the site… Then Panda came and the site lost half it’s traffic… We submitted reinclusion requests, we sent notices for sites to remove links to us and informed Google, and now this! Now our site is nowhere to be found, and competitors (who are no doubt paying link companies to take down certain competitors thanks to the algorithms changes) have won! Well done Google… You took a true public benefit site out of the rankings (one with a database of treatment centers more complete than the U.S. government’s), and replaced it with referral sites (of course, the exact-keyword match .com) and individual treatment centers that charge people in dire need of help (and usually broke) scores of thousands of dollars for treatment, because they can afford to bring down the real good-guys that have been helping people for years by pointing links at them. Well done Google"


Please do your part in spreading the word about this petition by commenting on any Penguin Update related post. As well, I encourage you to bring awareness on the Google Facebook page:

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    • Nathan Bass HOUSTON, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      My 12 year old e-commerce has suddenly become irrelevant since the Penguin update. I'm going out of business.

    • David Parkin LAKE COWICHAN, BC, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      Google has destroyed our business of 13 years, in 2010 it started with image theft ranking copy write material above ours via bloggers and the like, add Penguin into this mix our daily impressions has decreased from 120,000 to 4,500, we are now preparing for bankruptcy.

      In WMT, we made a re-inclusion request, response: No manual spam actions found!

      Thanks Google, for being an outstanding corporate citizen.

    • Larry Rampenthal MURRIETA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      My clients have been hammered by this economy now Google is finishing them off. Pretty soon my clients will be out of business and so will I ...if this continues.

      One customer went from $30,000 per month to less that $5,000. And we did not use link spamming...we only have 1500 back links yet the giant online stores have over 150,000 come they have not been penalized? Those links are not all good.

      • over 2 years ago

      I constantly create quality content and submit them only to sites which are relevant to my niche, yet when the Penguin updates kicked in all my sites dissappeared from the searches within a few weeks. Now I don't know what to do anymore. I thought I was providing the search engines what they want by producing unique, quality content - sadly, this update proved otherwise.

      • over 2 years ago

      Our 12 year old domain has been under a manual penalty since April 24th

      For doing what was deemed acceptable 10 years ago. How can Google be allowed to change the rules constantly. Fair enough an algorythm can place you where it thinks you should be but a manual penalty is just unfair.


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