Google & Motorola Mobility: Requesting ICS & Jellybean updates, source code, and unlocked bootloaders
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Google & Motorola Mobility: Requesting ICS & Jellybean updates, source code, and unlocked bootloaders

    1. Russell Hippert
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      Russell Hippert

      Tinker AFB, OK

This petition is for the owners of Atrix MB860, Atrix MB861, Atrix ME860, Electrify MB853 ,Photon MB855, DROID X2, MB870, XT882, MT870
In 2011 Google announced the Android Update Alliance which promised updates and support for 18 months after the release of Android devices.
In 2011 Motorola posted that a number devices would be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich. The update to Ice Cream Sandwich was made a selling point by carriers and Motorola Reps
On September 28th 2012, the status of many of those devices was changed to say they would not be receiving the above updates.
Google & Motorola Mobility has left many under contract phone owners with no Android updates, locked bootloaders and only a $100 credit towards the purchase of another Motorola phone.
This petition is to present an alternative to Google & Motorola Mobility that minimizes the potential loss of customers and revenue while fostering better customer loyalty.

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    2. Motorola is STILL selling some adandoned phones as current devices!

      Russell Hippert
      Petition Organizer

      Here is a PDF of the Moto U.S. site showing the Electrify and Photon as still for sale with not mention that they are discontinued/end of life devices.

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    Reasons for signing

      • 12 months ago

      AS owner of MB855 I would like have some kind of support that open source community can provide once the require code get released by owner of Motorola mobility and Android.

    • Gregory McIntosh ARKONA, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      we have two identical Atrix 4G phones in our family that we plan to keep for a long time, although Skype won't work on one of them, hopefully an op sys update will fix it ...

      • about 1 year ago

      If every company's moto of customer satisfaction is true then they need to provide the updates. I would've preferred other brand/model if this would've been known earlier.

    • Bogdan Skaliga Кривой Рог, UKRAINE
      • over 1 year ago

      ХОЧУ Requesting ICS & Jellybean updates, source code, and unlocked bootloaders

    • Dante Facio MéRIDA, YUCATáN, MEXICO
      • over 1 year ago

      I have a motorola phone and i believe it should be upgradable


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