#GoogleShould not allow their search engine to suggest the discrimination of WOMEN.
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#GoogleShould not allow their search engine to suggest the discrimination of WOMEN.

    1. Kate Reulbach
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      Kate Reulbach

      Brooklyn, NY

#GoogleShould not allow their search engine to suggest the discrimination of women.

Sexist, oppressive search autocomplete suggestions show up because X amount of people have searched the terms “Women should” “Women shouldn’t” “Women cannot..."

However, by allowing autocomplete to continue to suggest these search terms, Google’s algorithm (along with search engines like Bing) continue to suggest, promote and empower sexism.

There are no racist, orientation, or other cultural ‘shoulds’ that pop up in other autocomplete searches on Google. Type in ‘Men should,’ ‘Blacks should,’ ‘Asians should,’ ‘Hispanics should,’ ‘Whites should,’ ‘Gays should,’ ‘Lesbians should’, ‘Muslims should’ ‘Christians should’ ‘Jews should’... NONE of these search autocompletes come with any oppressive or hateful suggestions. 

Granted, the reason they don’t show up is because people haven’t searched for these terms as much... 

Regardless, Google has shown the world they possess the innovation, the determination, the resources and the intelligence to develop leading technology and help women in tech. If they can do this, they can modify their algorithm so they eradicate harmful, sexist suggestions, if they choose to make the representation of women through their own technology, a priority.

UNWomen.org has done an amazing job on The Autocomplete Truth campaign to bring awareness to the devastating confirmation that we still have a long way to go in the fight for women's equality. This awareness has inspired me to take action and I hope you do too. 


Please sign this petition and ask Google to be the first to prioritize altering their algorithm-based-system for search autocompletes specifically for ‘women should’ ‘women shouldn’t’ and ‘women cannot' and help stop the widespread discrimination of women by NOT suggesting sexism in Google autocomplete searches.


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      Kate Reulbach
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      Thank you for your support! Every signature counts.

      But we have a long way to go to get Google's attention. Please share share share this petition and give it some momentum.

      Thank you!

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    • Maddi Marshall PLANO, UNITED STATES
      • 5 days ago

      Will be using Bing until this is put to an end.

    • Twisha Asher GRANVILLE, OH
      • 4 months ago

      When you read these messages so often on a search engine you use everyday, it embeds itself in your daily life and vocabulary.

    • Heidi Smith DOVER, NH
      • 4 months ago

      Google, as a Librarian in a large city Public Library, I used your sites all the time and also recommended them to thousands of people a month. Not anymore. And, may I add that my colleagues are just as furious at your great blunder.

      I will, from this moment on, cease to use your products at home or at work, and I will not recommend your services to the 1000s of people who ask for help on the free Library Computers each week.

      Further, I shall have our public and work computers set to pages that are not yours. And I will bring up this nastiness to the attention of many, many others at the State and National Library workshops and conferences that occur each month.

      And most Librarians working in all sectors of Library service are still women, just as they were 20 years ago. Around 85%.

      We work with the public, all of whom (including some real bad people) are free to enter and hang around in Libraries, including those that would be thrown out of most private businesses, including bars. They are often not in the best of tempers, and need delicate handling or the police--who tend to arrive fairly promptly, but still a Librarian must do her best to protect other patrons from a violent drunk who wants to use the public computers when none are available. I can armlock a pretty big guy. Sadly, Librarians are either perceived as meek or crabby creatures who read all day. Luckily, that is not at all the case. They're tough and smart. They're extremely helpful to the good, but apply a quick, sharp slap-down to those who offend.


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