Google: Create a Carl Sagan Google Doodle for November 9 (Carl Sagan Day).
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Google: Create a Carl Sagan Google Doodle for November 9 (Carl Sagan Day).

    1. Bud Uzoras
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      Bud Uzoras

      Springfield, IL

Not only do we feel Carl Sagan deserves the recognition for his contributions to science, we believe sharing his vision and passion will help others understand the value and importance of science.

Google Inc.
Create a Carl Sagan Google Doodle for November 9 (Carl Sagan Day).

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    • Alvaro Marcelo Quezada CONCóN, CHILE
      • 26 days ago

      It works in one of the most important areas of the science, bring the knowledge to the public. He inspire me and million of others.

    • Thane Stroop MISSION, TX
      • 3 months ago

      The word "google" was created by him... or his daughter to be more accurate... when he was writing the book "Cosmos"

      • 7 months ago

      carl sagan is a great man the hero of entire gene



    • Jhossua Giraldo CALI, COLOMBIA
      • 7 months ago

      Carl Sagan was a very significant scientific for the world. He was a very active participant to the scientific release.

    • Lisa Gelabert SANJUAN
      • 8 months ago

      Carl Sagan, one of the greatest 'Beautiful Minds' in human history, so much more than a scientist, he was a poet, a favorite teacher of mankind. His now iconic series, 'Cosmos, A Personal Voyage', originally aired in 1980, has been seen by over 750 million people. The younger version of myself sat transfixed, and along with millions of others, became seduced by Dr. Sagan's cosmic spell, through his haunting, yet poignent, gift of speech. The master of universe storytelling, he rekindled our spark of curiosity as he explored the mystery of our origins and the cosmos, in his extra-ordinary voice. Way before the internet connected us, he played the thread of our childhood enthusiasm, as if conducting a giant global classroom, by way of modern tv. When he departed much too early in 1996, we felt as if we had lost a favorite uncle who took us on those fascinating nature hikes and campfire adventures as a kid!

      34 years later, the older version of myself, along with 'billions' from around the globe and even President Obama, still marvel and salute the gift of Carl. The infinite cosmic journey continues thanks to your renowned generousity one afternoon spent with a 17-year old future astronomer from the Bronx, Neil deGrasse Tyson!!

      Thank you Carl, for your tribute to our home, the 'pale blue dot', a 'mote of dust, suspended on a sunbeam'.


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