Allow advertisers the option of continuing to rotate ads indefinitely.
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Allow advertisers the option of continuing to rotate ads indefinitely.

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      Neil Sorenson

      SLC, UT

June 2012


I promise I wouldn't email you all unless it were to announce some big news. Well, there's some big news! Adwords heard our protest and has announced that they're updating the change they made to the ad rotation feature. Specifically, they extended the short evenly rotated period from 30 to 90 days. More importantly, they have offered an opt-out feature. However, that feature is currently not available in the Adwords interface. Instead, you must fill out a form to opt-out and the direct quote from Google is "...If we see a large amount of demand for the opt-out over the next few weeks, we'll also offer the opt-out in the AdWords interface directly." Be sure to fill it out so that we can close the chapter on this hated change! The link to Adwords' blog post is here: The direct link to the form to opt out of Google's adjusted ad rotation and continue to rotate ad evenly indefinitely is here: Thanks for your support. This could not have been accomplished without all of your signatures and feedback to Google. If you're on Twitter join all of us in ongoing PPC discussions here:!/search/ppcchat Thanks, Neil Sorenson

For years advertisers utilizing Google Adwords have had the ability to choose their ad rotation setting. There are currently 3: Optimize for Clicks, Optimize for Conversions, and Rotate Ads Evenly. Most experienced PPC'ers have learned that the two "Optimize" settings are rarely optimal. Moreover, to run effective A/B tests ads must be rotated evenly for as much time is necessary to gather a statistically significant amount of data. That data can sometimes be gathered in 7 days or less, in other instances (especially in low-traffic ad groups) it can take months. It is up to the advertiser to decide for how long an ad test should be run.

Google is essentially declaring that it knows what's best for every one of its advertisers by limiting the time frame for ad testing. Beginning in less than one week, Google is unnecessarily limiting the use of the "Rotate Ads Evenly" setting to just 30 days. After 30 days the setting will automatically change to "Optimize for Clicks."

Adwords does not care if 30 days is enough time to effectively run an ad test. Google is taking more and more steps to limit advertisers to run their campaigns as they see fit and in the best interest of their individual business.

This poorly-planned change doesn't help the conspiracy theory that Google heavily favors the big businesses and advertisers who spend big money.

Adwords is making short-sided decisions in an attempt to make more money today, at the direct expense of their advertisers--the very organizations that are responsible for Google's $10 billion first quarter numbers.

This should not continue. This setting was not broken. No one was dying for this change to be made. None of Google's advertisers were complaining that the "Rotate Evenly" option existed. Ad the very minimum, allow advertisers to select their preference!

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    • Jared Prazen SOUTH JORDAN, UT
      • over 2 years ago

      Arbitrarily setting the ad rotation setting to 30 days is stupid because it that generally is not enough time to get statistically relevant results in an ad split test. This is just a way for Google to add to its bottom line at the expense of unsuspecting advertisers, and the change needs to be rolled back.

    • Simon Hemingway HELENA, MT
      • over 2 years ago

      I work primarily with small businesses which cannot generate statistically significant results in only 30 days.

    • Xurxo Vidal MONTREAL, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      As an agency that is continuously split testing, the change in Ad Rotation takes away a significant A/B testing tool in AdWords from us.

      We prefer to retain this control rather than have Google decide what's best for our clients. Especially since ads with better CTRs don't always yield better conversion rates or total lead/sales volumes.

    • Karen Henry OKEMOS, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Our AdWords tests rarely become statistically valid with only one month of data. We will either need to stop testing or figure out a way to game the system. Is that what Google wants?

    • Steve Sperandeo ABBOTSFORD, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      This is directly contrary to "do no evil". It is clearly wrong, unethical, unscientific, unkind and a kind of ploy we would expect from Microsoft, not Google. Reverse this decision immediately.


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