Gold Coast City Council: Stop the proposed cruise ship terminal and casino on the Gold Coast.
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Gold Coast City Council: Stop the proposed cruise ship terminal and casino on the Gold Coast.

    1. Craig Graham
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      Craig Graham

      City of Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast City Council led by Mayor Tom Tate is currently proposing a cruise ship terminal in the broadwater near the Spit and Wavebreak Island. For the proposed cruise ship terminal to proceed, extensive dredging will be required of the seaway and even widening of the seaway to allow 300m+ cruise ships to enter the broadwater. This will ruin the only place scuba divers can dive and see massive schools of trevally off the sand pumping pipe, will ruin two world class surf spots namely South Stradbroke Island and The Spit and it will ruin a great local place for families to come and enjoy safe protected swimming beaches inside the broadwater.

Further, a second proposed site has formally been submitted to build what will be known as the Gold Coast Ocean Terminal.  This has been proposed by Bob Ell, Billionaire and owner of Leda Group.  This proposal will have an impact on every person living from Snapper Rocks to Currumbin and impact upon world class surf breaks from Snapper to Burleigh Point due to the blocking of natural sand drifts.  It will also increase significantly the amount of traffic in the Bilinga area and thus increase noise and traffic pollution.

The last thing the Gold Coast needs is for 300m+ cruise ships entering the broadwater, extensive dredging costing millions of dollars to tax payers every year to maintain the required depth for the ships and causing extensive problems up stream of two major rivers leading to the Gold Coast. The environmental impact far outweighs any possible financial gain the slight increase in tourism each week the incoming ships may bring. The ships only stay less than a day.

Each ship will carry approximately 3000 passengers.  This includes crew.  About 30% of these passengers do not leave the ship.  The Gold Coast is to expect 100 of these a year, however the cruise ship season in Queensland is from November to March.  Six months of the year the terminal will most likely lay empty and business nearby expecting income from the passengers will not have this for the other six months.  

Further, the Gold Coast City Council is proposing a second and even up to four more casinos on the Gold Coast. Our city is not Las Vegas and we all know that casinos bring with them a myriad of social, financial and law enforcement problems that our city does not need. The reason people visit our city is because it is different to anywhere else in Australia and offers such a diverse range of activities and amazing places to visit including South Stradbroke Island and The Hinterland.

Please help us stop the Gold Coast City Council led by Mayor Tom Tate from going ahead with projects that are socially and environmentally destructive.

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    2. New proposal at Bilinga by Billionaire Bob Ell

      Craig Graham
      Petition Organizer

      G'day everyone and firstly, thank you for signing this very important petition. Please keep sharing it and inviting your friends, family and acquaintances to sign it. The bad news is that Billionaire Bob Ell has submitted to Qld Government a proposal for a CST offshore at Bilinga. This is terrible!!! Now more than ever we need to get on board and fight for our coastline to remain as it is. We can not afford to back down to these people. I have emailed the premier, the deputy premier, the minister for tourism and the minister for the environment. Help further by emailing them your concerns to the following emails:
      Thanks and regards, Craig

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    • Kerri Burness AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      The natural beauty of our waterways should be preserved and kept for locals and visitors alike. Selling 80 hectares of our pristine waterway to a Chinese company that will bring in their own staff will not generate long term employment for our city. The beauty of the Gold Coast is the nature that we are blessed to have, not the Las Vegas style city that our current Mayor wishes to create. I was born and have lived on the Gold Coast my whole life and would leave if our beautiful environment is distroyed by greed.

      • almost 2 years ago

      I love surfing at the Goldy. Let's not destroy the waves with more unsightly development just to make rich people richer.

    • Jose rojas AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      hi I am a international student from colombia, I learned how to surf in the goald coast and I love the spot at spit and Straddie, I please ask you no to damage the nature and beautiful place that Straddie, and the spit are. thank you very much

      • almost 2 years ago

      because this is untouched coast land and would hate to see the gold cost ruined for what it really is. A place to surf

    • Richard Embery AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I surf at South Stradbroke Island very regularly and would not like to see this world class wave destroyed. I also believe the marine life in this area of concern deserves to have its habitat kept intact. It is nice to be able to go somewhere close that isn't over developed by greedy bastards whose only hobby is making money.


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