Discontinue practice of selling search results to 3rd parties
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Discontinue practice of selling search results to 3rd parties

    1. Lionel Church
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      Lionel Church

      Santa Cruz, CA

Have you ever come up with a great new idea for a website? Imagine you visit GoDaddy.com, which allows visitors to buy domain names for their prospective new website. You enter your new site name, and it is available. That's awesome! The next day you sit down with your credit card to buy the domain, and GoDaddy.com tells you this site name is already taken. Taken? In the 20 years since the internet went mainstream this domain has not been taken, but now, the day after you looked up the name for your new project, the name is owned by someone else. GoDaddy.com instead displays a prominent button to "backorder" the domain name -- for more than double the price they offered to register to domain for yesterday. What's going on here? GoDaddy.com is selling search results to 3rd parties, who then buy the domain names searched in hopes of negotiating a premium price for that ideal domain name. GoDaddy.com runs a very successful web hosting business, often recommended as one of the best in the industry. GoDaddy should stop participating in the extrotion of money from innovators by protecting domain name search results.

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    • Jeff Frost BERKELEY, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      ... And I thought these guys sucked after SOPA. Have someone else host your domain!

    • Lionel Church SANTA CRUZ, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      The Internet is about innovation, and I want to see innovation thrive!


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