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Go vegan!

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The easiest and most effective thing you can do to show your personal commitment to animals and the environment is to give up consuming animal products and byproducts.   Going vegan directly saves dozens of animals every year (the average person in the U.S. eats 40 chickens a year).  By going vegan, you are also helping to stop rainforest and top soil destruction (cattle grazing is a leading cause of this), water pollution (animal agriculture runoff is devastating local bodies of water), and the destruction of wildlife habitat.

If you are new to veganism, find a vegan friend or group.  You can find vegan starter kits and other great resources at:

You can find recipes at:
ThePPK.com (Post-Punk Kitchen)

And online communities can be found at:

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    2. Save the Animals, Save the Planet: Blog Action Day '09, Climate Change

      'Tis Blog Action Day. And we're talking about climate change, an easy topic for an animal rights blog, given the intersection between what we're doing to tens of billions of animals on this planet and what's happening to the planet as a result: Even...

    3. Happy First Blogiversary to Us and a Thank You to You

      Call it a birthday or anniversary or anything else you like, but the point, of course, is that it was a year ago today that this blog and several others here at Change.org launched. Of course, if you mosey through the first pages of the blog, you'll...

    4. Investigation: Abhorrent Cruelties for Land O'Lakes Dairy

      By now, you may have heard about the undercover video and investigation details released earlier this week by PETA. If not, here's the rundown: Someone from PETA spent five months at a dairy in Pennsylvania as an undercover investigator. The dairy...

    5. Another Undercover Look at Eggs: How Much Cruelty in Your Dunkin' Donut?

      Last month, I wrote about Compassion Over Killing's "Dunkin' Cruelty" campaign (link best opened in a browser other than IE) aimed at getting the popular chain to remove egg and dairy from its doughnuts, in addition to providing vegan menu options....

    6. Undercover Egg Industry Investigation Shows Chicks Ground Up Alive

      Edit: See also this follow-up post: "The Undercover Hatchery Investigation--Not Just for Factory Farms."

      Numerous posts have appeared on this blog in the last year describing and showing the standard cruelties inherent to all egg production...

    7. Pregnancy at Slaughter: What Happens to the Calves? Part 3 (Graphic)

      I didn't intend for there to be a third part to the posts I wrote a couple months ago about what happens to pregnant dairy cows--and the calves they're carrying--when the industry is done with them (see also part 1 and part 2). But then in recent...

    8. Inside the Humane Slaughterhouse

      I saw the link being circulated sometime in the last couple months. I couldn't get past the first few seconds at that time. But last night, a fellow animal advocate used the link to the video in our #oink efforts on Twitter, and I finally made...

    9. "Fair Trade" Does Not an Ethical Chocolate Bar Make

      Much ado has been made recently about Cadbury's decision to go Fair Trade with its Dairy Milk chocolate bar line, the top-selling chocolate bar in the UK (sort of like the British equivalent of Hershey's, for Americans who aren't familiar). But...

    10. Friday Food: BLT Salad, Balsamic Chickpeas, Raspberry Ice Cream

      Sorry for the post delay today, folks. What was originally scheduled for earlier today had to be postponed as a result of some technical difficulties. In the meantime, please enjoy Friday Food. :) And see above for a photo of one of the yummy...

    11. Rescuing to Kill: The Compassionate Hypocrite

      In an interview just published, Catherine Friend, author of the gratingly titled The Compassionate Carnivore, had this to say about the four "beef steers" she purchased when they were newborns--just one day old:
      They’re very friendly and come...

    12. Thousands of Chickens Burn Alive; CCF Is Amused

      [Edit: When you're done reading this post, wander over to this related post about a similar fire that has since taken place.]
      The Center for Consumer Freedom and its unscrupulous mouthpiece are fond of pretending that they do care about at least...

    13. 25,000 Are Dead, But "No One" Is Hurt, and Others Were "Spared"

      On my post "Thousands of Chickens Burn Alive; CCF Is Amused" this past week, commenter Sue remarked, "I'm surprised the media didn't use the typical 'no one was killed' line, when reporting the story."
      No worries. The media had yet another chance to...

    14. Pregnancy at Slaughter: What Happens to the Calves? Part 2

      This is part 2 of a two-parter. If you haven't seen the first part yet, read it here.
      Two questions: (1) Do you know where leather, especially "high-quality" leather, comes from? and (2) Do you know what fetal bovine serum or fetal calf serum is...

    15. The Real "Fervor of the Vegan": A Response to The Atlantic, Part 1

      Edit: The Flickr page from which I retrieved this photo from Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary didn't include a name, but Ryan of Veg Blog recognized this sweetie and clued me in: this is the lovely Ainsley.
      Last Thursday, Max Fisher of The Atlantic...

    16. The Real "Fervor of the Vegan": A Response to The Atlantic, Part 2

      See part 1 here. This second part covers the issue of the "sacrifice" of being vegan, the "personal choice" argument, and non-vegans' defensive reactions to vegans.
      Max astutely acknowledges in the post that many omnivores' and lacto-ovo...

    17. Animals Are Mothers and Have Mothers Too

      It's Mother's Day. The animals people will eat today as they celebrate the women in their life? Those animals had mothers too. Some of those animals were mothers too. Love between mother and young is not unique to humans. The mother-child bond is...

    18. A Side of Rotting Baby Carcass with Your Morning Milk?

      Reports of dead dairy-byproduct calves being unceremoniously dumped aren't entirely rare. Remember the "Your Dairy Dollars at Work" post from February? It's short. I'll wait here while you go read it.
      The story there--of dozens of calves being...

    19. Free-Range Pasture Systems Not a Viable Solution

      The following is part 2 of a four-part post by guest contributor Harold Brown. See the first part here. -SE

      I have noticed a few things in recent articles and conversations that I would like to share my two cents on.
      First, many people think that...


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    • carol Ⓥ crunkhorn AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND
      • over 3 years ago
    • carol Ⓥ crunkhorn AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND
      • over 3 years ago
      • over 3 years ago

      We dont need to eat meat or fish to survive.They only tell you - you do- as how else are they gonna make $$$$$$. And if this is untrue- then how come I am very healthy, all my check ups are excellent, and I have not eaten meat since I was 20 years of age and am now over 50. Am I a "Special Case" - I Think Not. Im just not brainwashed.

    • Elizabeth S ONTARIO, CANADA
      • over 4 years ago

      Animals are sentient beings and deserve to be treated with respect.

    • Soodle Billy CO.DUBLIN, IRELAND
      • over 4 years ago

      All beings are fond of life, like pleasure, hate pain, shun destruction, like life, long to live. To all life is dear. — Acharanga Sutra (Jain) at 1.2.3.


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