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GM, Central Railways: Help 300 visually impaired families by building a railway bridge #blindmumbai #buildthebridge

    1. Petition by

      Amol Lalzare


April 2013


In four months, after mobilising thousands of people, hundreds of phone calls and multiple meetings with the Central Railways, we (Amol Lalzare and Dr. Atul Jaiswal) won! 6273 people signed our petition, putting pressure on the Central Railway authorities. The bridge will now help thousands of people to safely cross the Railway tracks - reducing accidents and deaths in the area. Here’s how it happened: 1) We delivered more than 6000 signatures to the GM of Central Railway. Along with the visually impaired community members of Vanghani, also screened a film they had made on the issue. 2) Hundreds of petition signers called Central Railway and put pressure on them to build the foot-over bridge. 3) On 18th March 2013, the Chief Engineer and Assistant GM convened a meeting and took a decision to build the foot-over bridge at Vanghani in May 2013. 4) Central Railway allotted Rs1.5 crore for the bridge and floated the tender. With great enthusiasm, we will keep a close eye on the construction of this bridge and will keep you posted. Thanks to everyone who supported our petition.

300 families of visually impaired Indian citizens live near Vangani station in (outer district) Mumbai. They sustain their livelihood by doing cutlery business in local and express trains in Mumbai & neighbouring areas mainly on Central line, Railways. Vangani is one and a half hour away from Mumbai. But they lead a life full of danger.

Watch the videoposted on Video Volunteers to see how they survive.

Anita Tai is 35 years old and lives alone a 30 in the town of Vangani bordering the city of Mumbai. Anita was born blind. Around a decade ago, she migrated to Vangani when she heard that it was home to disabled families who came across the state and settled there to earn their living. Anita's desire was to be independent and live a life of dignity.

She became one of the many visually impaired people who you might find on Mumbai trains selling inexpensive 'made-in-china' pens, chains and other trinkets. A few years ago, when Anita was making her way across the railway tracks to the platform to board her daily train, she lost her balance, slipped and fell. An arriving train ran over her hand. She survived the accident but her limb was destroyed. It had to be surgically amputated.

In a town of more than 300 visually impaired Indian citizens making a living by selling their wares to commuters in train compartments and no foot-over bridge to safely access the platform, Anita remains just another statistic of causality.

There are many cases like Anita’s in Vangani -- Visually impaired residents of the village, who are forced to navigate the hazardous tracks in complete darkness, the people who have broken bones and fractured limbs, the people who have lost their lives. 15 years of many avoidable mishaps later, the authorities are yet to deliver on their promise of a foot-over bridge.

Join me in telling the General Manager of Central Railways to make Vangani station a disable friendly railway station and build the bridge that can be used by the residents of this village to cross tracks.

Your signature can help the visually impaired citizens of this village and avoid any more incidents like Anita.

Tell the General manager of Central Railways to take immediate action on the following:

-- Build the Railway Bridge at Vangani Railway station
-- Provide immediate Railway Police support in ensuring the reservations of disabled coach for disabled only.


This petition was filed by Amol Lalzare (Video volunteer correspondent) and Atul Jaiswal (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) with support from Tata Institute of Social Sciences

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    1. Disabled groups hope that the railway budget will incorporate their concern

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      Yet the station, the oldest on the central line lacks infrastructure as basic as a foot over-bridge to cross on the western side. This forces commuters to cross the tracks, particularly endangering the lives of visually-impaired individuals. Commuters here are being forced to trespass by compulsion, not by choice.

      "All facilities from ticketing counters to toilets create architectural barriers for people with disabilities," points out Atul Jaiswal from TISS who has been working with the community in Vangani.

      The Vangini blind community alongwith the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and organisations like Change.org and Video Volunteers have petitioned...http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report_when-crossing-tracks-is-compulsion-not-choice_1803693

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    • Palakh Chhabria MUMBAI, IN
      • 3 months ago

      here suren !

    • Shiju Devarajan TRIVANDRUM, INDIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Everyone should be happy

    • abhilash ca BANGALORE, INDIA
      • over 1 year ago

      i am a social being

    • Sridharan Seshadri HYDERABAD, INDIA
      • over 1 year ago

      My son is also visually impaired so I can empathise with the sufferers

    • Uday Kumar CHENNAI, INDIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Public interest and Social cause


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