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Give Thomas Arthur a fair trial! Submit the DNA for testing!

    1. Sara Perry
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      Sara Perry

      Humble, TX

Thomas Arthur was not given a fair trial and has spent decades behind bars for a crime he has maintained he did not commit., repeatedly going to the process of awaiting execution and having his date be postponed. Testimony in his defense was never submitted to trial and DNA found at the scene, including hair and fingerprint samples, have never been tested for a match. There has been no physical evidence even placing him in the location of the murder. All we should ask is for the State of Alabama to SUBMIT THE DNA RESULTS FOR TESTING, with the proper PRIVATE laboratories, so there can be conclusive evidence for this man, his family, and the family of the victim.


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    • Alicia Castillo HUMBLE, FRANCE
      • about 2 years ago

      Fairness can overcome justice.


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