Give Ex-Felons the Chance to Receive the American Opportunity Award
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Give Ex-Felons the Chance to Receive the American Opportunity Award

    1. Paulette Crystal
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      Paulette Crystal

      Bradley, FL

As an ex-felon I have overcome more struggles than one could imagine. Not only am I an ex-felon, but I have recovered from 34 years of drug addiction, now 21 months free of the lifestyle of my prior circumstances. I enrolled in college November 2009. I now have 39 credits towards my major program in Psychology.  I received a 1098-T form in the mail. I was so excited when I was informed I could receive $1000.00 back on the tuition I had payed for the tax year 2010. I had plans for this money; continuing to better my life as well as do my part to better mankind. 

My spirits dropped so fast when I was informed I was not eligible for this tax opportunity. I would think someone who has proven themselves by overcoming all obstacles in the way of their future would surely not have it held against them. I payed my so called debt to society, after serving the sentence given to me. Apparently I was wrong, it seems I am still paying the price for past mistakes. Even our father in heaven forgives us our trespasses. I payed my debt to society, I am sure many others feel the same as I. If you feel the same, do something about it, write, write, and write some more, let your voice be heard in American politics.

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    1. I now have a total of 63 credits toward the 120 of my BS/PSY program

      Paulette Crystal
      Petition Organizer

      Life isn't fair no matter if you have committed a crime or not. God says to count it all joy when we suffer...Life goes on..

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    • Miranda Black BRANDON, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      You are an amazing person for turning your life around. You look beautiful and full of life. We addicts will always be recovering but should not be punished if we are not in active addiction. Love you, Randa

      • over 3 years ago

      keep up the great work and you have my back up all the way, "gitter done"

      This is what we are missing and don't have in the system now , oh sure ,you say it is but until you get there and you find out just how hard it is to get any help while in the system and even worse once you get out, it time to start making rehab mean what it says for all not just who the system (people working in the system say can or can not) You Bullies

    • Andrew Heugel BREWSTER, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      A felony conviction and in some cases a misdemeanor conviction is essentially a life sentence to being a second class citizen in America. And, then the "experts" wonder why there is so much recidivism. THe key is inclusion of ex offenders and offering them the same opportunities as everyone else, unless there is a legitmate security reason for not doing so.


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