Give a child the  right to visit their sibling(s)
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Governor of West Virginia
Governor Earl Ray Tomblin

Give a child the right to visit their sibling(s)

    1. Amber Jones
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      Amber Jones

      Nitro, WV

The sibling relationship is the longest lasting human relationship in existence beginning at birth and ending in death. Siblings learn valuable socialization and interaction skills. They learn how to play, struggle, negotiate, cooperate, and how to be responsible for others. Some of these skills are learned from parents, teachers, peers, and other family members, but most are learned from their sibling relationships. Personal identities are also developed through sibling relationships because they share many life experiences. The sibling relationship also becomes a haven of support and protection in times of family crisis. This is especially true for children who are brought into foster care because of abuse or neglect. Separating siblings in foster care, adoptive planning, divorce, or returning a sibling to one parent but leaving one child behind robs them of this vital source of support and emotional survival. A child should have the right to keep and maintain relationships with their siblings regardless of the circumstances that are keeping them apart. A child should not have to wait until they are an adult to find and start a relationship with their sibling(s). We need to recognize the importance of the sibling relationship and pass a law that will allow all siblings the right to visitation with the sibling(s) they are currently separated from.

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      Amber Jones
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      I wanted to help WV kids get the rights to sibling visitation. Through divorce, foster care, adoption, and separation of parents, many children do not get to see their siblings.


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