To reinstate the old Promise and include an alternative Promise for those that don’t want to make a Promise to God.

To reinstate the old Promise and include an alternative Promise for those that don’t want to make a Promise to God.

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      Andrew Brannigan

      Belfast, United Kingdom


Girlguiding UK have introduced a new Promise to Northern Ireland replacing the words ‘To love my God’ with ‘To be true to myself and develop my beliefs’. 

This new Promise was announced in June 2013 and became official on 1st September 2013. This has caused serious distress amongst many in Girl Guiding Ulster and within churches across Northern Ireland.  The new Promise is now in effect and, while listening to concerns from within their own membership and church representatives, there are no plans from Girlguiding UK to take these concerns on board and formally review the use of the new Promise within Girlguiding Ulster.  In fact the Chief Guide stated recently that:

"Whilst all leaders will need to accept this change as we go forward, we will be talking with leaders who are anxious and working with them to help resolve any difficulties. We sincerely hope it won’t be necessary for anybody to leave the organisation.” (The Telegraph, 26/8/13)

There are very real and immediate fears among Guide leaders that they will be compelled to implement the new Promise or have to leave Guiding, the consequences of which could be devastating for thousands of girls who love the Guides and benefit from the valuable work they do.

The Church of Ireland, Methodist and the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and have voiced their ‘deep concern’ at this new Promise, and are asking that the option to be able to make a promise to God to be reinstated. They have made it clear that they value highly their connection with Girlguiding Ulster but cannot support the use of the new Promise.

Therefore many Guide groups will now be left between the choice of saying a new Promise against their own wishes and that of their host church, or saying the old Promise –which will go unrecognised by Girlguiding UK.  The imposition of the new Promise has already proved divisive and hurtful. Guide members have reported that it was overwhelmingly opposed at a recent meeting with hundreds of Girlguiding Ulster leaders on Friday 11th October 2013.


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    • Olive Stevenson BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 months ago

      I believe in keeping God central to the Guiding Association without excluding those without religious beliefs. The new promise seems meaningless and vague in any case.

      • 4 months ago

      I feel the new promise is selfish and doesn't promote the guiding way of helping others. I have always made my promise to God and want to continue too. I believe and suggest that like the scouts we have an alternate promise.

      • 5 months ago

      Aa a Brownie leader the new promise is unsatisfactory and not popular.

    • Campbell Gardner BANGOR, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      I am a Scout Leader and I fear that this change has already proved to be unpopular. I know of a least one Presbyterian church that will not be running guides in the future. This is a disaster for the leaders and more importantly the young people. Why not provide an option its easy to implement? Lady Powell must be turinig in her grave! I wonder how many young girls wouldn't joins guides because of the old promise over the number of girls it will loose to the new promise. Its seens like a backward approach and poor top down leadership.

    • shirley mcconnell BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 6 months ago

      the guides have been kicked out of my church because of the change


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