Girl Guides of Canada: Take all GMO ingredients out of Girl Guide Cookies
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Girl Guides of Canada: Take all GMO ingredients out of Girl Guide Cookies

    1. Maya Fischer and Linda Cirella
    2. Petition by

      Maya Fischer and Linda Cirella

      Victoria BC, Canada

We are a daughter & mother (Girl Guide & Girl Guide Leader) who are asking Girl Guides of Canada to take Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) ingredients out of Girl Guide cookies.  

Our family tries to only buy food that is non-GMO or organic. The reason we're so concerned is because there have been no long-term studies showing that it is safe for people to eat or grow GMO foods. In fact, GMO studies on animals have shown infertility, immune system problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine actually asks physicians to advise patients not to eat foods with GMO ingredients.

Girl guides teaches girls about healthy living, respect for the environment & taking action for a better world.  In fact, the Girl Guide's Motto that we both know off by heart is: "I promise to do my best, to be true to myself, my beliefs and Canada; I will take action for a better world." We are living up to this motto by campaigning for a better world.  

Now, we want the Girl Guides of Canada to live up to their own motto by removing GMOs and making cookies safe and environmentally friendly.

In other places like the EU, many GMO crops are banned. Even large companies are phasing out GMO ingredients. Department store, Target, for example, has promised to remove all GMOs from its Simply Balanced line by 2014.

Girl Guide cookies are sold from October to December, and from March to June. Each Girl Guide is required to sell 24 boxes. Our family is so conflicted about this. We don't eat the cookies or buy them, we are refusing to sell cookies with unsafe GMO ingredients to our friends and family.  We want to sell cookies that are healthy, safe for the earth, and that all Girl Guides can be proud of.

We think that if enough people speak out, the Girl Guides will agree to this because they've made several positive changes to their cookies in the past! For example, they've removed unhealthy trans-fats, and now use boxes that are made of 100% recycled paper. Recently, the Girl Scouts of America (part of the same international scouting organization as the Girl Guides) committed to switching over to sustainable palm oil after two scouts started a petition asking them to make cookies without palm oil - not a total victory, but definitely a step in the right direction!

Please support our petition! Together we can get the GMOs out of Girl Guide Cookies!

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    1. Reached 30,000 signatures
    2. Blog post about GGC GMO petition / By Brownie mother

      Maya Fischer and Linda Cirella
      Petition Organizer

      Here is the link to a blog; written by the mother of a GGC Brownie, who is also concerned about GMO's... She has told their Browie leader that they will not be selling cookies next year because they cannot promote the sale of GMO's..& she certainly cannot ask her 7 year old to sell them to her friends & family... Check out her Blog:

    3. Reached 1,000 signatures
    4. Metro News Victoria: Runs story about Petition...

      Maya Fischer and Linda Cirella
      Petition Organizer

      Metro news ran a story about Maya's petition to GGC on June 21
      The headline: "GIRL GUIDE WANTS HER COOKIES TO BE GMO FREE" !! Here is the lnik to the article:

      Girl Guide wants her cookies to be GMO-free

      Metro/Handout/Linda Cirella Nine-year-old Maya Fischer is asking Girl Guides to stop using GMO ingredients in their cookies. As far as Linda Cirella is concerned, her daughter Maya is doing exactly what she's been taught in Girl Guides. "She's being true to herself and taking action for a better world," the Saanich mom said.

    5. Local paper:Monday Magazine runs story about GMO Petition to GGC

      Maya Fischer and Linda Cirella
      Petition Organizer

      Monday magazine, a local paper in Victoria BC, ran a story about Maya's petition. The head line was: GIRL ASKS GUIDES TO LIVE BY GROUP'S OWN MOTTO....Here is the link to the online story it's on page.4 of the June.20th edition:

    6. Reached 750 signatures
    7. Gmo's in Girl Guide cookies update...

      Maya Fischer and Linda Cirella
      Petition Organizer

      There are now over 700 people supporting the petition to get GOM's out of Girl Guide cookies! This is obviously an important issue for many people! If you are interested in learning more about the reality of GMO's
      please watch this documentary GENETIC ROULETTE that is linked to this update.. It is highly informative & it inspires conscious eating...
      Please Share this petition with your friends & family.
      Thanks for your support.
      Linda & Maya

      Genetic Roulette [2012] (Unabridged 1:25) (720p)

      Uploaded by SansGMO on 2013-04-06.

    8. Reached 500 signatures
    9. Over 100 signatures in 3 days!!

      Maya Fischer and Linda Cirella
      Petition Organizer

      Wow! over 100 people have signed this petition in 3 days!
      Thankyou for supporting this & please pass it on to your friends...
      When people work together it can make a BIG difference!

    10. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Wendy Lenny REVELSTOKE, CANADA
      • 18 days ago

      GMO products and ingredients are fundamentally damaging to our health.

    • Günter Mesmer COTTBUS, GERMANY
      • 20 days ago

      GMOs are bad for you.

    • Jacqueline Renfrow CALGARY, CANADA
      • 21 days ago

      GMO should be banned, restricted, or at least labeled in Canada

    • Tanya Stergiou TORONTO, CANADA
      • 28 days ago

      I used to enjoy the Guides cookies when my daughter was participating in fundraising

      • about 1 month ago

      I buy lots of GG cookies, I love

      Those cookies. If there are ingredients

      used in the cookies that are unhealthy

      for consumption, I would like to see

      GG make the necessary changes

      to provide cookies that are a healthy

      choice for everyone


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