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Reconsider changing the name of Gilda's Club

    1. Chris Turner
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      Chris Turner

      Wilmington, DE

Gilda Radner was not only a famous comedian and celebrity, but she was also a face of women's cancer. The fact that she fought bravely should not be forgotten. It is disappointing and disrespectful to hear that four clubs are dropping the moniker, Gilda's Club just because, as one Lannia Syren Stenz, a senior director of Gilda's Club Madison, pointed out, "our college students were born after Gilda Radner passed, as we are seeing younger and younger adults who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis..."

How about instead of denying how much Gilda did for the cause, you teach the students about who she was and what she died for? As one person said, "I didn't know Mayo and I don't know why he has a clinic, but I know what it is."

We are here to teach and pass on the memory of those who went before us. Why not continue to pass on the memory of Gilda Radner and keep the name Gilda's Club? Instead of hoping not to confuse people, teach them to not be confused!

Gilda's Club Madison
Reconsider changing the name of Gilda's Club

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    • Paula Eisenach MOUNT HOLLY, NC
      • 11 months ago

      As I watched the SNL Best of Christmas shows a few nights ago I noticed Gilda and thought how sad it was that so many young people (my two sons included) will never know who she was. How she fought so valiantly with determination and humor to beat that big old C bastard within her and lost. I read her book 'It's Always Something' 26 years ago as I was battling with brain cancer. During these past 26 years I've thought of Gilda and her attitude towards life. When I fall on my ass, literally, I just pull myself up, make a funny comment and go on with my life. Keeping Gilda ALIVE is the inspiration so many people need to survive in this world. Last week I learned I'm having my 4th recurrence in 26 years. If you take the inspiration Gilda instilled in me (and others I'm sure) to survive -- I don't know what we'll do.

    • Terri Simon LAUREL, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      This was started because of Gilda and by, in part, her husband Gene Wilder. Why show them this disrespect? These clubs have helped people I know who were "too young". That didn't stop them from finding and being helped by the organization.

    • Sylvia Davi DANBURY, CT
      • over 1 year ago

      I was outraged when I heard this today! Whether someone know who Gilda was before they become involved or not is irrelevant. What's important is what she (still) has to say to those affected by cancer!!! How can they help those if they don't understand the needs of cancer patients? Gilda brings light and heart into a dark, dark world and shared her way of coping with the world. Who the hell knows who Susan G. Koman was? You find out when you get there!

      This is a result of getting away from the core mission: Women's Cancers.

    • Chris Ramsey SEATTLE, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      This organization was created to honor Gilda's talents and the personal strength she exhibited during her bout with cancer. If people don't know who she was, the organization should be educating people about her and the Club, not copping out by changing the name of the facility. If they want to update the concept for current generations, they should speak of Gilda's impact on the comedians of today - there are many, many who name her as one of their comedy heroes.

    • Alisha Ragainis STOUGHTON, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      I grew up watching Gilda on SNL and now attend the Madison Gilda's Club. What she created to support people with cancer and their families should be honored by keeping her name.


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