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Get the USA back in the BIE

    1. Urso Chappell
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      Urso Chappell

      San Francisco, CA

World's fairs (also known internationally as "international expositions," "world expos," or just "expos") are an important world institution on par with the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, the United States hasn't hosted a world's fair since New Orleans in 1984. Since then nine countries on four continents have hosted eleven international expositions (1985 Tsukuba, 1986 Vancouver, 1988 Brisbane, 1992 Seville, 1992 Genoa, 1993 Taejon, 1998 Lisbon, 2000 Hannover, 2005 Aichi, 2008 Zaragoza, and 2010 Shanghai). In the next nine years, four other expositions will be held outside the United States.

Unfortunately, United States' membership in the body that sanctions and recognizes expositions, the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), ended in 2002 after the U.S. Congress failed to allocate the small funds required of membership.

The United States can easily rejoin the organization by allowing public or private funds to pay back dues (estimated at approximately $100,000) so that we can once again have a voice in the organization and allow cities to bid for world's fairs in 2022, 2023, and/or 2025.

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    • Aaron Adkins ASL TOPEKA, KS
      • 9 months ago

      We need landscape, "awe"some buildings, and a lot of show and tell in sign language. This will be important to the world and also this will be great important to the Deaf community.

    • Jon Barlow Hudson YELLOW SPRINGS, OH
      • 9 months ago

      i was commissioned by Exop 88 in Brisbane to create 2 major sculptures for Expo. MORNING STAR has since been reinstalled in the Botanical Gardens and the 100 ft hi. PARADIGM is still awaiting reinstallation--i was just there to lobby the city to do so.

    • Diane MacArthur MOULTONBOROUGH, NH
      • 9 months ago

      We are citizens of the world and should be contributing and co-operating to bring ideas and technologies to the table as well as learn from other countries experiences. 2015 in Milan is a critical time where the trials, successes and dangers of new technologies in food engineering that are being implemented in the United States after other parts of the world have found the results to be unacceptable. New technologies in lighting, growing mediums for hydroponics and plant nutrition should be shared and alliances and collaboration in future endeavors could be implemented.

    • Eric Goldthwait BELFAST, NY
      • 9 months ago

      I have follower Worlds Expositions since I attended my first in 1967. I feel it is important for our great nation to exhibit what makes our nation great, the best and the brightest minds, as well as our freedom that we take for granted, as well as our compassion for those less fortunate as us. We have the power and technologies to help nations that are faltering in caring for its citizens. We have always been a participating member, why should that change.

    • Roberta Moore DECATUR, GA
      • 9 months ago

      How can the U.S. NOT be involved in an organization and series of activities that foster innovation, promote international cooperation, and encourage cultural understanding?


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