Get rid of animal abuse on Youtube!
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Get rid of animal abuse on Youtube!

    1. Leanan Eislinn
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      Leanan Eislinn

      Torquay, United Kingdom

 There has been an increasing number of animal abuse videos appearing on youtube. Petition:  Videos include baiting videos (animal fighting, tank baiting, etc), illegal use of weaponry (knives, pellet guns, firearms, cross bows, etc) to main and torture both domestic and wild animals, use of pest control devices to inflict cruelty on both wild and domestic animals for sick titillation, the list is endless.     There is an alarming number of tank baiting videos where pets (rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice etc - not in anyway the natural diet of the captive animal) are fed alive to captive wild animals such as snapping turtles, snakes, bass, etc. for sick titillation. Both animals are being abused, the wild animals should not be taken from the wild and incarcerated in a small tank and the small pets should not be tortured to death for tank baiting. If it were educational the footage would be of animals in the wild consuming their natural diet (which is definitely not small pet animals) with no captive baiting involved.     Many tank baiting videos have been flagged by hundreds of concerned you tube users yet these illegal animal abuse videos have not been removed.     By allowing these videos Youtube is encouraging illegal activity and promoting animal cruelty.     Youtube needs to enact good practice by banning these videos and removing all of them. We the undersigned herby call on Youtube to stop promoting animal cruelty and to remove all the animal abuse videos.     Note: animal cruelty awareness campaign videos obviously do not fall under this category and should not be banned. There is an obvious difference between charity campaign awareness videos and animal abuse videos posted purely for titillation.     Petition:


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    • ine franco MEDELLíN, COLOMBIA
      • 17 days ago

      los aniamlitos no deben ser maltratados

      • 19 days ago

      Why is it important? Common sense comes to mind, after Reading so many articles about the links between animal abuse and serial killers. Don't get me wrong, what really worries me is the animal abuse part, but if it's still happening, it must be, because you people don't give a damn about animal suffering, so lets go the selfish way, it worries me because they abuse animals today, and could be raping or killing humans tomorrow, also there's the influence this videos will cause to Young minds ... I mean, is there ANY REASON WHY THIS SHOULDN'T STOP?!

    • Fadjen Ivanavska CAMBRIDGE, MA
      • 24 days ago

      YouTube is irresponsible by allowing users to promote the torture of animals; specifically bullfighting videos and torturing bulls as "entertainment". (Bulls with THEIR HORNS ON FIRE! Bulls being drowned! Bulls being tortured!). Sickening! YouTube is ENCOURAGING the sick, perverted behavior from a few psychopaths that the rest of the civilized society is fighting very hard to ABOLISH. YOUTUBE: Please close accounts which advocate, promote, and/or endorse cruelty to animals and violate domestic and international cruelty laws, even though such torture may be still "legal" in their own backward countries. Thank you.

    • pascale fruchart ASNIERES, FRANCE
      • about 1 month ago


    • Anne Hedges ALAMEDA, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      Torturing those helpless to defend themselves against us is the height of sociopathic, self-absorbed behavior and does not bode well for the rest of us should we happen to cross the torturers in any way. I feel great empathy for all animals, pretty or not, useful to me or not.


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