Geronimo Inns (Youngs and Co Brewery), Richmond Council: Save the current and iconic Music Room at the Bull's Head, Barnes, SW13
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Geronimo Inns (Youngs and Co Brewery), Richmond Council: Save the current and iconic Music Room at the Bull's Head, Barnes, SW13

    1. Save the Bull's Head Music Room, SW13 .
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      Save the Bull's Head Music Room, SW13 .

      London, United Kingdom

The gastro pub group Geronimo Inns (Youngs and Co Brewery) have taken control and will be the current custodians of the ‘The Bulls Head’. They plan to change the existing famous and legendary Music Room into a restaurant.

In the process, they will be destroying a cultural and iconic ‘music space’ of the London music scene, of great artistic significance and cultural history to the post World War II, 20th century music era

It is one of the first and most important jazz venues in Britain, and has played a world leading role in live music.

Geronimo say music will continue in the stable area pub, but they have not got planning permission or licensing from Richmond, and it is unlikely this will be given.

Opened officially in 1959, along with Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, it is the world’s longest continuously running jazz pub, everybody has played there, and not just jazz musicians, artists from blues to soul and rock

It is has hosted the legendary and famous from Britain to America (see and's_Head), and supported and provided an opportunity and privileged stage for upcoming and new artists.

Similar famous and legendary intimate rooms and clubs from the post World War II era, have sadly disappeared, for example, Crawdaddy, Eel Pie Island, Flamingo, Kooks Kleek, Marquee. The attrition rate has been devastatingly high and a great loss of many iconic and culturally important musical venues to future generations

Loosing this cultural iconic institution, the legacy and heritage of this legendary music room would be simply tragic. The Music Room has been an artistically significant venue for music in the post in World War II era to British music history.

In 2010 Geronimo tried to close another famous music room at the Half Moon in Putney. That failed and today fantastic music continues at the Half Moon.

So please save the Bulls Head Music Room.

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    2. Last Chance

      “The Planning Committee sits this week on Thursday 15th at the Council Chamber, York House. Richmond Road, Twickenham, TW1 3AA,with a start time of 7.00pm. This is perhaps the last chance to demonstrate to Richmond the enormous public support to save the Music Room. Your support is welcome. But please keep getting the message out we need more support.

      If you cannot attend it is streamed live:

      Thank you

      Home: Richmond upon Thames Webcasting

      Following the successful webcast of full Council on 13 September 2011, the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames will now be webcasting all Planning Committee and Full Council meetings from 13 October, as part of its commitment to making its democratic processes as transparent and accountable as possible.

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    4. Over 2,000 supporters, thank you.

      You may have other planning issues surrounding the proposals. These can be addressed with Richmond Planning using the link below:


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    6. Decision-maker Geronimo Inns responds:

      Geronimo Inns

      I am the MD of Geronimo Inns. Please be assured we are developing the pub and the music room. We are NOT, AND HAVE NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF closing the music venue. We are looking at creating a new music room in the Bulls Head, but of the sa...

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    8. Decision-maker Geronimo Inns responds:

      Geronimo Inns

      Dear Jo

      Thank you for copying us in on your petition.

      I am teh MD of Geronimo Inns. and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you as there are some factual errors in your petition. In fact I held a session with neighb...


    Reasons for signing

    • ron dillon GOZO MALTA, MALTA
      • 9 months ago

      best jazz music pub ever since the tubby hayes days

    • Brenda Mclaughlin DONCASTER, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 months ago

      It should be a national monument. So much great music born and performed here.

    • kate Coughlan ESPERAZA, FRANCE
      • 9 months ago

      THis is not just a local institution, it is a National Landmark! People from all over the world know the name of the Bulls Head. Shame on them for trying to get rid of it. All young musicians should visit it if only to soak up the atmosphere......

      • 9 months ago

      The Bulls Head is one of the venues which gave opportunities to so many of our now successful musicians. The new owners will get more business and goodwill from continuing that tradition than they ever will from yet another restaurant in an area where there are already lots of restaurants

    • Lysiane Gilbert FELTHAM, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 10 months ago

      I love coming to listen to good bands and have a dance!

      The room is nice for this.


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