Genocide of Tamils taking place in Sri Lanka.

Genocide of Tamils taking place in Sri Lanka.

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      Sujeebavan Manoharan

      ottawa, Canada

The genocide of Tamils is taking place in Sri Lanka and it seems like George Bush's "war on terror" policy is being exploited in an unjustful way to quench the thirst of the national extremism of the Sinhala majority in Sri Lanka.

Is this how the so-called "war of terror" looks like?

According to the American ambassador to Sri Lanka, Robert Orris Blake, Jr (who still keeps up George Bush's foreign policy) and  India, Pakistan and China ( weapon suppliers to Sri Lanka) there is no such nothing going on there. But the pictures, videos, certain foreign journals and statements of the ICRC and various NGO's are telling a different story, one that is close enough to be identifiable as genocide of the Tamil minority.

U.S should intervene in this conflict and bring this to an end.

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