GM, Sell Holden & Related Assets!
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GM, Sell Holden & Related Assets!

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      Petition To Save Holden Manufacturing

Executive Summary:

In late 2013, General Motors announced it will close Holden manufacturing and engineering. Without this, Holden isn't really Holden. GM, it is time for you to SAVE or SELL Holden and your Australian assets. Give our beloved brand a real future!


Holden has been manufacturing in Australia for over 60 years and in the end of 2017, that will all come to an end as Holden's parent company, General Motors, has decided to call it quits on Australian manufacturing and engineering too. Holden has been a valuable asset for GM. It is there only brand in Australia and New Zealand and despite failed attempts to add brands to Australia, Holden has always been strong and kept its significant market share - which will drop rapidly when Australian manufacturing and engineering is gone.

Holden has been producing world class cars that the world soughts after and will continue to do that right up until the end in 2017. Sadly, GM thinks nothing of this and expect us to buy foreign made replacements for our iconic cars. Not only are they made overseas but they won't be made to suit our roads as Holden engineering is going out the door along with manufacturing. It is time for Australians and Holden enthusiasts to stick by the brand that has stuck by us, we are calling for GM to sell Holden, the manufacturing plants, engineering proving ground and the design facilities.

Why we should petition:

Holden has been Australian icon and a leader in the automotive industry for decades. Holden is special becuase it holds a place deep in Australia's culture and history. Holden has produced iconic cars that rival the world's best and today Holden cars have continued to do this. A Holden Commodore Calais-V costs half the price of a Mercedes-Benz E250 and has more features and leg room. Without Australian manufacturing and engineering, we are set to lose this incredible value for money. Despite what GM and Ford say, it is still viable to manufacture in Australia and it is certainly viable to engineer cars in Australia. The economies of scale that is needed to manufacture here at a profit can easily be generated if Holden was allowed to go global and export our world class cars to the world that is desperate for them. It is time GM hand over Holden and its Australian assets to a new owner who will give Holden a real future, instead of slapping a badge on a foreign car and claiming it is still the Commodore or RWD sedan that Australians want to buy. Without Australian manufacturing and engineering, we will lose $20 billion from our economy, hundreds of thousands of jobs will subsquently be lost and we will lose the Australian car.

Why GM should sell Holden and Australian assets:

General Motors, here are reasons why you should give Holden a real future:

  • Turn a large loss into a smaller loss or even a profit.
  • Avoid significant poor reputation.
  • Please many enthusiasts.
  • Decrease GM's brand portfolio and reduces inter-brand competition.
  • Allows GM to try again with Opel or launch Chevrolet.
  • No need to pay out employee contracts.
  • Gives a well known, trusted and supported brand a real future.
  • Opens up a possible business relationship with the buyer.
  • Won't have to deal with the consequences of closing Holden manufacturing and engineering.
  • Won't have to take responsibility for Holden's future.
  • You're set to lose a significant amount of market share, more than what you may think.

How it could be done:

General Motors, you should find a buyer or buyers to take over Holden's Australian manufacturing, engineering and designing for a period of time. During this time, you can sell your products under the Holden name until Holden is able to replace each product with their own developed under the new Holden, seperate from GM. As each product is replaced, you can then launch Chevrolet and sell the products under the Chevrolet brand. This gives you time to set up Chevrolet's marketing, supply chain, dealerships etc. and gives Holden time to establish itself as an independant brand from GM. This could be called a "demerging" phase.

What we want in the sale of Holden:

  • For Holden to be sold to a buyer who intends to continue Australian designing, engineering and manufacturing of Holden vehicles
  • For the buyer to have a genuine interest in saving Holden and expanding Holden to be a global competitor
  • For the buyer to be able to provide Holden with the neccessary items needed to be a competitive automotive compan either provided by automotive experience/relations or through the ability to provide adequate funding
  • For Holden to be able to continue producing the world class cars it is known for
  • For the administrators of this petition and the facebook team that supports it to have positions on a/the board overseeing the transition of Holden from GM and representing Australians and Holden enthusiasts on an board of directors or business commitee or consortium of owners who run the future operations of Holden.

Recommended/Suggested buyers:

Tata Motors (Own Jaguar and Land Rover)

- Fiat (Own Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Lancia)

- Dick Smith (Dick Smith Foods, supporter of Australian products)

- James Packer (Crown Casino, succesful Australian businessman)

- Australian Governments (Federal, Victoria, South Australia)

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Recent signatures


    1. GM has recalled 27 million cars worldwide this year!

      GM has recalled 27 million cars and some for faults that have caused 16 people to die at least with up to the 303 being the possible total.

      Here is why we need to save Holden:

    2. GM changes mind on engineering! Sought of...

      GM will keep the Lang Lang proving ground and will continue to engineer vehicles to suit local conditions (like with MY14 Cruze). Whilst this means Holden will play little role in the development of GM's cars, it does mean: "Holdens will have Australian accents" - Holden.

      This isn't the best news but it shows we are making strides in bringing Holdens back home!

    3. GM in disgrace!

      General Motors have had to recall over 6 million vehicles this year. Some for fires and some approx 7 years old after deaths have occurred from faulty parts.

    4. Reached 250 signatures
    5. If Aussies Can Pull Through For SPC, We Can Do It For Holden!

      Aussies banded together and bought SPC products and helped SPC be saved! So now we need to band together and fight against General Motors for Holden!

    6. Group trying to buy the Elizabetgh plant in talks with GM

      There is a business group in talks with GM in regards to buying Elizabeth and possibly the Holden brand too! Don't forget to share our petition around so this group knows the Australian people have their back!

      Private consortium mounts bid to take over Holden's Elizabeth plant in South Australia

      AN AUSTRALIAN-based consortium is mounting a bid to take over Holden's soon-to-be-vacated Elizabeth plant and continue making cars beyond 2017. Ethan managing director Ashley Fenn said he and a group of fellow businessmen were in talks with General Motors about buying the plant.

    7. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Brett Hewitt AUSTRALIA
      • 25 days ago

      Support Australian jobs and protect a part of our history.

    • Andrew Micallef AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      I am 44 years old and have always driven Holdens...

      I have a Hsv Maloo at the moment , I hope its not my last

    • Jono Vas AUSTRALIA
      • 6 months ago

      Holden is an important part of Australia's history, builds great cars and is an important part of a larger manufacturing workforce. Selling it would allow it to become truly Australian and benefit both GM and the community greatly. We don't want to be sold Korean GM rubbish that further destroys the Holden Brand...

    • Erica Habedank BRADENTON, FL
      • 6 months ago

      Holden is very important to the automotive industry in Australia and has tremendous potential to be a successful global brand. It keeps jobs in Australia and provides the world with some fantastic automobiles. Be a shame if it fades in to the night.

    • John Fountain AUSTRALIA
      • 6 months ago

      It's ours,it's Australia!


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