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General Donald Campbell needs to answer to the troops he sends into harm's way.  

As Commander of Fort Hood, the largest military base in the U.S., home to approximately 50,000 troops and their families, General Campbell is a key figure in the growing scandal surrounding the epidemic of untreated trauma among members of the US military. Service members are being sent back to war again and again without receiving the mental healthcare to which they're entitled. A recent report concludes that active duty military members are committing suicide at a rate of one every 36 hours.

The situation for soldiers in need of help at Fort Hood is particularly egregious, and General Campbell is responsible for the culture of denial that is at the root of the problem. 

Suicide continues to be one of the largest causes of death at Fort Hood, but General Campbell has stated publicly that he views service members’ post-deployment mental health problems as a discipline issue instead of a health issue. Thus, those who need mental health care are severely stigmatized at the company and battalion level and are discouraged from seeking treatment, especially during work hours. 

The average wait for a service member to see a counselor at Fort Hood is six to eight weeks, a delay which can mean life or death for a soldier desperate for care. Service members who are single parents have few if any childcare options when seeking health treatment or counseling.

Service members who do get to see a mental health provider are overwhelmingly prescribed psychological medications as the only treatment plan -- often without receiving actual medical diagnoses. Many soldiers are on multiple medications at once and are being sent back into combat. General Campbell is denying his service members’ right to heal from war by promoting a culture of denial, limiting access to care, and sending troops who have untreated trauma back into harm’s way.

Stop the abuse and neglect of soldiers at Fort Hood.


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    • ann galloway MINNEAPOLIS, MN
      • almost 3 years ago

      I spent 10 years protesting the wars trying to stop more troops being sent over.. all because I hoped we could stop the suicides. Sad that the military didn't care.

    • susan de la torre DALLAS, TX
      • almost 3 years ago

      because it's their right to get medical help of any kind..let the general be sent to the war time after time and see if he still thinks it's a decipline problem...the old goat

    • aaron hinde CONCORD, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      as a US veteran I am appalled by the obvious mental health issues that are not being addressed adequatly at JBLM

    • Terrisa Bivens MOLINE, IL
      • almost 3 years ago

      It is very disturbing that our beloved veterans,the very warriors that fight so we can sleep safely and peacefully at night are being victimized and abandoned. I am outraged!


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