Gearbox Software: Please, Distribute UE3 Level Editor for Borderlands 2 PC (A cheaper UDK)
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Gearbox Software: Please, Distribute UE3 Level Editor for Borderlands 2 PC (A cheaper UDK)

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      Andre Theo


A Level Editor would not only help the longevity of Borderlands 2, but it would also help Junior Level Designers improve on their Portfolio, helping them for a future career and/or fulfill one of their favorites hobbies.

The request here is a simple, a fully functional level editor which permits it's users to create maps, edit archetypes/attributes (modifying enemies, creating custom quests, creating custom character abilities, ETC), create gametypes/scenarios using the Kismet editor and visual effects using the Cascade editor. Enough abilities for them to go beyond strictly map-making.

The production time for such a simple tool shouldn't be too cost productive for Gearbox. Please sign if you wish to see user-made and free of charge DLC, Maps, Gametypes, and much more.

More information: CookedPCConsole is the published build for Borderlands 2 PC. While it greatly helps on improving Loading times and game filesize, it entirely strips the editor code from the game. This build is what prevented the community to unlock the same tool, which was previously achieved in Borderlands 1 with a different build.


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    • Sebastian Marie GERMANY
      • 18 days ago

      weil ich mir einen map editor wünsche

    • Matthew Decker BERWICK, PA
      • 23 days ago

      Making any PC game mod-friendly can only increase the longevity of a game (I wouldn't be playing Skyrim as long as I have without them, and in the same vein, look at Morrowind - people are *still* making mods for a game made over fourteen years ago). People may make things the designers don't want in their games, but that's okay, because foremost the game is made FOR THE PLAYER to be entertained; if installing mod X creates a better experience and makes them happier, then not allowing them to install mod X is taking away part of the very reason the game is made in the first place (unless you come from a purely business perspective, in which case, take a step outside of that compartmentalized mindset and live a little =D)

    • Igor Fedoolov Москва, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
      • 28 days ago

      Unfortunately, BL2 is over after release all DLCs. But It's still cool game, which can be unlimited, if players will make levels and DLCs for it. I know, what mapping means. Yes it hard, but i pretty sure, in whole BL2 there are a lot of good mappers. Don't leave it. Don't leave your fans.

      Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language, but i hope that you'll understand. With respect, Ku6EPyXOBEPTKA.

    • Ken Rossomando LINDENHURST, NY
      • 2 months ago

      Now that Gearbox has announced it's done with Borderlands 2 we can ask them to make a Borderlands 2 Map Editor for us to play on instead of playing on the same stuff over and over again I am hoping Gearbox and 2k would accept it.

    • Leon Kruppa GERMANY
      • 4 months ago

      It's a cool idea because everyone need this :D


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