Gay rights, Make it better
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Gay rights, Make it better

    1. Katy Butler
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      Katy Butler

      Ann Arbor, MI

My name is Katy Butler.  I am 17 years old and i am gay.  I grew up with a mom and a dad who love me very much.  They both have legal cusdity of me.  I want to be able to grow up someday and marry the woman that i love and have chidren with her that we are both responsible for.  Why cant i get married?  Am I less of a citizen because of my sexual orientation?  Everyone tells me as a student in high school that it gets better.  Everyone including government officals and celeberties.  well it doesnt get better.  When I grow up I can't get married, I won't have equal health care oportunities, my partner and I will not both have custity of our children, I can get fired for being who I am which is GAY!!!  How is that fair?  I sit home sometimes and think about this; how I, and every other Lesbian, gay , besexual, transgender, queer or questioning person in michigan is treated like a second class citizen and I cry, becasue its not fair.  I want the rights I deserve!!! Please help me make it better.    

Governor Snyder
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This is simply a civil rights issue. LGBTQ citizens deserve the same rights as straight citizens. it is unfair. help make it better NOW.


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