Drop felony charges against Joquan. Allow him to graduate with his sister at Paris High.Stop the school to prison pipeline.
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Lamar County Attorney
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Paul Jones

Drop felony charges against Joquan. Allow him to graduate with his sister at Paris High.Stop the school to prison pipeline.

    1. Brenda Cherry
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      Brenda Cherry

      Paris, United States

On Feb 2, Joquan Wallace, a student at Paris High School in Paris Texas, asked and got permission from his teacher to use the restroom. Joquan was profiled and followed by the school police officer Joey McCarthy. McCarthy peeped at Joquan under the bathroom stall and when Joquan was returning to class, McCarthy interrogated him as to why he wasn't using the bathroom closer to his classroom. Joquan told him because he had to do number 2. Joquan had permission to go to the restroom. He was not breaking any school rule, nor was he committing a criminal act. The incident ended in Joquan being assaulted and injured by both McCarthy and Paris High Principal Gary Preston. Both said they told Joquan to go to the office and he didn't do what he was told. Both Preston and McCarthy claim they were hit when they were placing Joquan under arrest. Numerous witnesses say Joquan never hit anyone. Joquan ended up with two felony charges and a trip to the emergency room with visable injuries. Neither Preston nor McCarthy had any visable injuries according to Joquans parents. Joquan was a good student with no discipline problems. He had no prior arrests. He excelled in sports and had won sports awards for the school. He was up for scholarships from numerous colleges. He was suspended from school. He will not be allowed to walk the stage to graduate with his class. He may not receive any college scholarships. People should support Joquan because its time to end the School to Prison Pipeline. A students future should not be destroyed over an incident that school officials instigated. Hold School officials accountable for bad behavior. It can help prevent this from happening to other students.

Gary D. Young, Lamar County Attorney
Paul Jones, Superintendent Paris Independent School District
Drop the felony charges against Joquan Wallace. Stop the School to Prison Pipeline at Paris Independent School District.

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    • John Castelin METAIRIE, LA
      • about 19 hours ago

      Im sure he was attacked for no reason by a police officer and a principal... not

      • 2 days ago

      He is young and he have a life and a future and he don't deserve this

    • Maurice Johnson HARRISON, NJ
      • 2 days ago

      This is ridiculous. This is one of the very reasons I am glad that I grew up in the Northeast where this behavior wouldn't be tolerated from school officials.

    • Sabrina Loffredi PETALUMA, UNITED STATES
      • 3 days ago

      This is ridiculous. Let the kid go to the bathroom where he wants to go to the bathroom. Are school officials THAT BORED?! This student deserves to graduate and school officials need to stop being racist. He didn't do anything wrong.

    • Joanne Desir VERO BEACH, FL
      • 3 days ago

      Students deserve a chance to have a bright future.


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