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Prosecutor Union County, ohio
Honorable David Phillips

Gary Conklin walks because of prosecutor David Phillips! Resignation demanded!

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Gary Conklin, owner of Conklin Dairy Farm, was caught on video tape kicking a "downed" cow.  "Downed" cow means a cow that is too weak to stand. Union County, Ohio prosecutor David Phillips, called in the department of agriculture vets to get Conklin off the hook. Downed animals suffer severe abuse because of the low, cruel standards of the department of agriculture. Agricultural vets refer to animals as the "PRODUCT," and care nothing about the quality of life for the animals.  Animals are viewed as nothing more than a money making means to an end. David Phillips has failed the citizens he represents, the animals we are responsible for taking care of and has sent the message that animal abuse for profit is acceptable. We must demand his resignation.

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