Fusionfall: Project Revive (Officially Re-Opened)
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Fusionfall: Project Revive (Officially Re-Opened)

    1. Jake Winberry
    2. Petition by

      Jake Winberry

      St. Louis, MO

Greetings Folks, we are now back online!

Fusionfall was Cartoon Networks first MMORPG realease January 14th, 2009. It was glorious, sadly the fact is now that it's closed. With Fusionfall, CN could have marketed itself and kept people in the loop, not to mention the fact that with a little extra time, they could have created an in game shop that would have generated income. Would we have bought? YES! Will we buy? YES!

Cartoon Network Fusionfall was an iconic game that had meant the most of the world too us. Please revive it, and allow us to interact with the characters we once knew and loved!

On top of signing the petition we ask you to take the following steps to ensure a clean fresh update of the game.
1. Go to http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/feedback/
2. Select "Games", then "Fusionfall"
3. Fill out in high detail how much this game means to you, and how you would want it to revive. Explain you want it back and state that it would be a glorious return to see it.

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    1. Welcome Back Recruits

      Jake Winberry
      Petition Organizer

      After e-mail after e-mail and Push after Push, it's now time we do things a little differently.

      With Fusionfall currently dead, and people hearts slowly forgetting the magic we once called 'Fusionfall' , today is a day where I restructure a fight which was to originally revive assets in a game, and now face myself with a bigger task. Getting this game back online.

      Cartoon Network shutting down Fusionfall was hurtful, made tons cry, but now after the tears and grieving comes regeneration.

      Our goal is simple fight with the big goal of bringing the game "Fusionfall" Back online - oh wait skeptical? Well one would be after the fallen projects and tons of other petitions...... but what if I told you were are fighting Social Media style?

      Here on facebook our page :


      We are going to be updating and refreshing the content that was once "Fusionfall" in terms of graphics to bring back and rebrand it for the modern times.

      We love you community, and we just as you lost our hearts the day Fusionfall died, but it's time now to pick up rejoicing and celebrating it's life we once had, and in the process fight to bring it back.


      We'll be waiting Cartoon Network.


      Jake Winberry
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Fans:

      Since the release of Fusionfall Heroes, it has made clear as day Cartoon Network has no intent to update Fusionfall anytime soon. But I ask for one last wave, and this last wave to be the biggest! If we can get 5k, and show Cartoon Network We Are Still Alive, I wonder if we can actually make a difference.

      What do you say? Are you with me?!?!

    3. Reached 1,000 signatures
    4. Facebook

      Jake Winberry
      Petition Organizer

      We have finally did it, We have created a Facebook account!
      Come visit here!

      Also we have now shortened The URL Here to the petition, making it easier for you to show to friends and family!

      The Shortened Link is here:

      Hope to see you aboard!

    5. 800 Signatures = Showing To CN

      Jake Winberry
      Petition Organizer

      Alright folks, less than 300 to go! by all means do not forge any signatures, I have Change.org cutting my signatures due to all the spamming. They read your IP address, and cut the votes down by however many they feel are forged. Meaning, I have hit 500 signatures goal 3 times already, dont let it happen again where i get cut please. :*(


      Easy, post within reason of this petition on forums, get conversations going. Post this stuff up on FaceBook, Get people geared into realizing your interested, and Finally for those who want it most, YOUTUBE. make a video about it, even if it's you standing in game and you talking over mic. Thanks folks for all you do. :D and take care

    6. Reached 500 signatures
    7. New Video And Update!

      Jake Winberry
      Petition Organizer

      After much consideration and a small group of votes, I shall be sending a link to this petition after 800 Signatures. I also will be having a sharp eye for forged Signatures, Please lets fairly get these signatures.

      On top of this announcement, We have a new video posted by RedEaglesFury27. This video can be found here. http://youtu.be/1kmUId3hW5U

    8. Reached 500 signatures
    9. New Video

      Jake Winberry
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks for the support and thank you for spreading the word!

      Video Made By Silidos

    10. Forced and Forged Signatures

      Jake Winberry
      Petition Organizer

      Guys, I know you want the game to survive, but please stop forging signatures.... I know it's coming from a few individuals, and though I'm glad to see you enjoy the game, I ask you to please not forge these signatures. We have come a long way but please dont forge.

    11. Reached 750 signatures
    12. Fake Names

      Jake Winberry
      Petition Organizer

      Guys, I realize some people have been putting names with random letters, If you are to sign up I ask that you use a first name with N/A as the last name, your Fusionfall IGN, or a username that you commonly use online. I would hope these signatures are real and are not forged. Thank you for those who have participated, and I look forward to seeing you in game or on our new forum home. Link is down below

    13. Reached 500 signatures
    14. Videos made to bring awareness!

      Jake Winberry
      Petition Organizer

      People have made videos helping contribute to this cause, and so far we have 2.
      here they are.

      First Legomegazord:

      Second Fusionfaller1:

      Third Wilttilt:

      Fourth Silidos:

      If any of you have made a video and want it posted, shoot an email to me.

    15. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • anna yatsenko HAIFA, ISRAEL
      • 2 days ago

      As someone with social anxiety, playing this came has always calmed me down. And also because this game is really amazing, and has all my favourite Cartoon Network characters.

      • 2 days ago

      because fusion all is the greatest game ever and I want to play it with my friends

    • ben stuhlreyer MIDDLETOWN, OH
      • 4 days ago

      I WANT FUSION FALL BACK it was fun [lol]

    • Trevor S N/A, TX
      • 8 days ago

      I MISS FF!

    • Alejandro Garcia TAMPA, FL
      • 10 days ago

      Loved the interactions with iconic cartoon network characters.


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