Funding Equity for Pennsylvania Charter Schools!
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Funding Equity for Pennsylvania Charter Schools!

    1. Kevin Brady
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      Kevin Brady

      Coatesville, PA

At present, Pennsylvania's system for funding charter schools is profoundly unfair to the thousands of Pennsylvania families who have chosen to exercise their right to educational choice. The vast majority Pennsylvania Charter Schools receive anywhere from 60-75% of the per-student-funding available to surrounding districts. In addition, the means of determining the amount of funding charter schools receive is almost always in the hands of "authorizing" school districts which often see charter schools as competition and have no interest in their well-being.

While Pennsylvania's cyber-charter schools may benefit from lower costs and overhead than traditional public schools, bricks-and-mortar charter schools DO NOT.

In fact, operating a bricks-and-mortar charter school carries an expense burden which is at least identical and often, substantially higher than that of traditional public schools. As if this weren't bad enough, Pennsylvania's charter schools have also felt the impact of extremely damaging legislative changes initiated during last year's budgetary process. Perhaps the most expensive of these changes was the elimination of state Social Security reimbursement for all Pennsylvania charter schools -- but not for traditional public schools.

Finally, the laws that govern charter school funding in Pennsylvania are so weak and so vulnerable to manipulation that many charter schools often struggle to survive when surrounding districts decide to withhold, suspend or re-direct their monthly payments.  The arbitrary actions of a hostile school district can, consequently, create a cash-flow disaster for a charter school which may make it very difficult to purchase books, heat buildings, and/or pay teachers.

Since Pennsylvania first approved the establishment of charter schools in 1997, the charter school community has always had to do more with less; however, the Pennsylvania legislature's inability to promote funding equity is pushing many charter schools to the edge of existence.

The reality of inequitable funding and the subsequent chipping-away at the remaining resources available to Pennsylvania's charter schools creates a playing field which is becoming increasingly uneven.

The Pennsylvania House and Senate MUST stand up to very powerful and well-funded special interest groups  (such as PASBO, PSBA and the PSEA) and support the future of educational choice in our state.  The children of Pennsylvania are depending on your strength and your integrity.  Don't let them down! 

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    2. We're 428 signatures strong!

      Kevin Brady
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you for your continued support of the charter school funding equity petition! In a recent letter to the editor, Bob Fayfitch of the Pennsylvania Public Charter School Coalition set the record straight reguarding charter school funding. Please have a look at the attached link for the full text. Please continue to share with your friends and fellow charter school supporters on Facebook!

    3. We're at 335 - Let's sustain our momentum!

      Kevin Brady
      Petition Organizer

      We'removing very quickly toward our initial goal of 1000! It would be marvelous to break 500 by mi-week! With over 1500 students at AGCS that should not be an impossible goal to reach! However, please take some time to share the petition with your friends, neighbors and relatives by using the "invite your friends" link at the right. You ARE the charter school community! Your voice is important!

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    5. Education Committees Added!

      Kevin Brady
      Petition Organizer

      No our petition will not only reach our state's legislators as a group, but also key members of the education committees at the Pennsylvania House and Senate level! Let them know that equity in charter school funding matters AND that you vote!

    6. Momentum is building!

      Kevin Brady
      Petition Organizer

      I have just added the contacts for Chester County's elected officials to the petition, and I will be adding the contacts for all members of the Education Committes for the PA House and Senate very soon. The link to the petition will go out to all AGCS staff and families this morning. Please do your part and spread the word! It would be amazing to break the 200 mark before the end of the day today!

    7. We've broken the 100 Mark in less than 24 hours!

      Kevin Brady
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to all of the AGCS, Collegium and other charter parents, teachers, and students who have signed the funding equity petition. It would be amazing if we could build even more momentum. allows users to share petitions with over a dozen friends each day, and if you are Facebook friends with anyone who feels positively about charter schools, please ask them to participate. For more information about charter school funding and the burdens that our unique schools bear see Larry Jones of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools' statement below.

      Jones speaks to the removal of the social security reimbursement directly "after charter budgets had been finalized and many schools had offered positions to staff, a funding formula change for charter schools resulted in a 3% revenue loss for charters in Pennsylvania. " It's time for us to tell our elected officials that we will not tolerate this kind of unfair and damaging treatment!

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    9. Support Charter School Funding Equity! - Amazing Progress!

      Kevin Brady
      Petition Organizer

      Since last night, over 54 folks have signed the charter funding equity petition! It seems like we're building momentum very quickly! Attached please find a link to Charter Choice's website detailing some of the dire predictions for charter school funding for the coming year. If we don't stand up to our opponents, they will use their swollen lobbying war chests and their powerful political influence to impoverish all Pennsylvania charter schools. Spread the word!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Carolyn Cochrane NEW HOLLAND, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      My grandchildren attend an excellent charter school. This school provides a wonderful education for many students and it should continue functioning for the benefit of the community.

    • ron peters OXFORD, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      student equality

    • Thomas Schaer LANDENBERG, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      It is a no-brainer; the teachers rock and their dedication is reflected on the kids' faces every day!!!

    • John Hashagen PARKESBURG, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I teach the same material a public school teaches, and I work just as hard as any public school teacher, so why is it that my school does not get the same amount of money as others?

    • Samira Cordivano OXFORD, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      It is unfair that PA Charter Schools are not recieving the funding that they need to continue education for the children "our children". The State is quick to fund for the Politicians but not for their children. Where is the logic in that when it starts with education for children so that they grow up to be responsible people to keep this country be what it is. We pay our taxes for children to be educated first then the money should go to health ins. and Politicians should be the last to get our tax dollars. Why do we have to always petition for something that should already be in place. No wonder the Politicians get richer and don't give a "hoot" about the education because that means less in their pocket. We should not have to pay for their houses, travels, etc. They have enough money from their paychecks from our tax dollars to pay for that. I work overtime getting all this money taken out for taxes. I want it to go for the children's education......then I would feel better about working the overtime to pay for my bills knowing that it is going for the future of our children. Thank you. Have a great day.


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