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Free the 3 jailed for feeding homeless people in Orlando, FL and make it legal to feed those in need

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      Steffani LaZier

      Pollock Pines, CA

It shouldn't be illegal to feed the  hungry,  yet three people were arrested and jailed after feeding homeless people in a park in Orlando FL.  Orlando has made it a crime to do this.  The 3 must serve 60 days in jail and pay a large fine.

The three were members of Food not Bombs.  An organizer of the for  group said:"We're out there week after week sharing food with poor and hungry people to send a political message about our opposition to poverty and inequality in our community…and I think it's time for the administration and Mayor Buddy Dyer (D) to get serious about doing something about poverty in our community"

Orlando, Florida recently passed a law limiting the number of times charitable groups will be allowed to feed the homeless in popular city parks contained within what is known as the Greater Downtown Park District.Food not bombs an international political action group, which has fed the homeless for years in Lake Eola Park, described by Orlando as its "crown jewel" park, lost a legal challenge to the feeding law in April. A federal district court found the law did not unconstitutionally restrict the group's ability to express its political opinion by feeding hungry people. 

It shouldn't be illegal to help those in need, especially if the government won't or can't.

Please send a message to Buddy Dyer demanding the three be freed and allowing people in Orlando to feed others in need.

Note:  Since I created this petition 21 people in Orlando have now been arrested for the same "crime".

Buddy Dyer, Mayor of Orlando
It's not wrong to feed the hungry and no one should be jailed for it. We are appalled that your city has made it a crime to help the homeless and we are horrified that you have arrested 3 citizens for doing so. Please free them, don't fine them, and change your inhumane laws.

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    • Bill Estes KEY WEST, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      What happened to the Republican "Rant" that Government doesn't have to take care of it's citizens Charities will do it. Seems the Orlando Government has to figure out what to do.

    • JoAnne Tate WASHINGTON, DC
      • about 3 years ago

      So our government wants to see the homeless starve to death? Shame on you - it's your fault that people are homeless to begin with! Arresting anyone who tries to assist the homeless is disgusting. Our country has some very sick laws that need changing immediately.

    • preston paschall LAS CRUCES, NM
      • about 3 years ago

      No tourist dollars for orlando as long as this stuff happens.

      You should be proud to live in the USA - You should be ashamed for doing this.

      city ordinance = citation offense only, Not arrest!

      Misuse of public office to commit unlawful acts = Felony in any state.

    • Jacqueline Herder LANDGRAAF, NETHERLANDS
      • about 3 years ago

      This is once again too crazy and irrational for words! High time to create a new world order.

    • dawn welsher WEBSTER, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      this is everyones land and you charge us to live eat and in order to survive we must follow your rules well i will feed the hungry if i want to and it should be allowed


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