Free Pfc Corey Clagett
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Free Pfc Corey Clagett

    1. Andrea McKeeby
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      Andrea McKeeby

      Orange, CA

This is a link from my friend to a Petition to free her son. She is a mother of a son that is wrongfully imprisoned right now. His Commanding Officer is free and had not one charge against him. He gave order's to kill men that were captured (they were bound with ties) two of those men did just that the 3rd wouldn't. HE IS THAT 3rd MAN!!!! Both men have pled guilty and stated that the 3rd did not kill anyone..... those 2 men are in military jail ..... so is the 3rd. He was told if he didn't plead guilty they would put him in jail for life without chance of parole and if he plead guilty.............18 years!!!! The other two are not serving this long of time and The Commanding Officer is free as a bird.
 We are trying desperately to undo the wrong that was done here. I ask you to please sign this petition to help us right the wrong. While we sit here free he sits in a cell and gets 2 hours each day out of his cell while the other 2 are in general population..... he's 24 years old and has been in there 3 years.
 This is what happens when you don't kill unarmed men. Something is VERY wrong.  
"FREE Pfc Corey Clagett" petition at   We need 1,000 to sign please e-mail this to anyone you know that will help. Thank you again. 

Here is the direct link to the Pre Deployment Pep  from Col Steele This Is a Pep talk that soldiers are getting.

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